Since this website is dedicated to showcasing the hunting heritage of all that would share, we thought we’d share ours with you!

Dale's HeritageDale’s Hunting Heritage
My earliest memories of hunting go back to watching my Father throw lead at low flying ducks behind my Grandfather’s barn. I’m not sure how old I was but I do remember the ducks seemed really heavy as I hauled them back to the truck. Hunting is definitely a Smith family tradition that goes back to fried donuts being passed around before the opener of each Deer Season. Shotgun shells stacked like dominoes on the kitchen table and red plaid draped on the backs of chairs. Uncles, Aunts and Cousins would gather in an excitement that was only matched by that of Christmas morning. I don’t know how many moments can be stored in one’s memory bank but the first time I was able to step out into that crisp November air on route to my stand is one memory I’ll never forget.

Backstraps were a staple in our diet growing up and family barbecues were seldom without some type of wild game on the menu. Dad and I used to cruise the woods in September looking for gray squirrels, as he would tell me stories of Deer Camp in the Adirondacks. On those outings he taught safety, how to move and communicate in the woods, and always took time to sit and enjoy our surroundings. I remember feeling quite special when he trusted me enough to go hunting by myself and even more special the times I came home with the bag limit.

I guess you could say, like many of our members, that hunting is in my blood. From archery practice in the crisp fall air to scoping out “Chucks” in the summer with a .22, I relish those hunting memories and am anxious to make some with my two daughters. I feel blessed that the experiences and knowledge of my family members were shared with me at such an early age. It’s never too late however to share and encourage others in their hunting heritage. We hope this site will be a place for those that love sharing such experiences to do just that.

You can send Dale an email at: dale@theheritagehunters.com

Dan's HeritageDan’s Hunting Heritage
We all have our memories of when we began to get interested in the outdoors and my memories along with millions of other hunters involve my grandfather and my father.

At an early age I always looked forward to when my Mom would tell me that my grandparents were coming for a visit. It didn’t matter what time of year it was or what else was going on I knew I was going for a ride Sunday morning before I had to get ready for church. See, every Sunday morning when my grandpa was visiting from New Jersey he would wake me up for our tour around the country roads in his Dodge van looking for deer and turkeys while checking out the different trout holes grandpa like to frequent. I know this doesn’t sound like much but I can still remember how excited I was to tell my dad about the fawn that was swimming up the trout stream as were “checking it out”. As an added bonus we would stop in at the local corner store for an ice cream that I was under no circumstances to tell Mom or my sisters about.

The first day of shotgun season in upstate NY was always a day of excitement. Dad and grandpa would have their clothes and gear spread out over the chairs and dining room table the night before. I would get to wipe down the shotguns and dream of when I would be old enough to go along. I wouldn’t even be hunting but would lose sleep dreaming of Dad or Grandpa bringing something home. It didn’t matter what or how big, I just wanted to help him process it and enjoy the tenderloins we would cook right up. See, we had a rule that the tenderloins never made it to the freezer or to the table for that matter. Then finally opening Monday, I can remember playing outside or just hanging on my neighbor’s porch all bundled up listening to the shots ring out. We always had that Monday off from school – so Pat, my neighbor, and I would try to guess who was doing the shooting and would get all pumped up if we thought is was one of our fathers.

It all started with me at an early age well before I was actually hunting. I loved the season because I could spend time with my father and grandfather who were both very hardworking and busy men but always took time for deer season. Of course I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to hunt but the intangibles so many deer camps pass on over generations were instilled in me well before I ever picked up a gun. To this I am eternally thankful.

You can send Dan an email at: dan@theheritagehunters.com

2 Heritage’s Collide

As you can see, our stories are similar. Maybe it’s because we both grew up in Combined Heritage: Dale and Danneighboring townships. How did we meet? That’s pretty simple. I married Dan’s lovely sister Amy and the rest is history as they say. Dan and I have been hunting together for about eight years and videoing our Hunting Heritage for the last five. We started with simple slideshows of the pictures we took during the season and now are making the video shorts you see here on this site. We hope you check back often to see this site evolve along with our Hunting Heritage and yours!

-Dale and Dan


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