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Heritage Hunters Video Contest Winners
Saturday, June 26th, 2010

1st Annual Heritage Hunters Video Contest

In the fall of 2009, we posed a challenge to all those who video their hunts. We asked for videos showcasing the hunting heritage and a passion for the outdoors. The winners would win some great prizes as well as have the opportunity to produce videos for our Team FieldTrips video series. After viewing hours of footage, we came up with two entries that we thought both deserved top honors. So without further adeu, here are the “Co-Winners” of our 1st Annual Heritage Hunters Video Contest and their winning videos:


Chip, Chad and Marc from ANIM@L HOUSE


 It was a difficult job to sift through the video entries and decide which advance to the top spot.  We would like to give an honorable mention category to Jadon for his self-filmed entry seen below and hope to see more from this young man on a future FieldTrips episode:







Team FieldTrips Video Contest – 2009 / 2010
Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Here’s How To Enter Our Team FieldTrips Video Contest

We created Team FieldTrips as a way to showcase and preserve our hunting heritage and are looking for people who would like to do the same with theirs.  Although we may not always acheive lofty goals with each episode, we try and produce FieldTrips with an entertaining and informative take on hunting.  Now we’re looking to expand our Team with this video contest.  Show us why you deserve to become part of Team FieldTrips and have your videos featured on our site.

Submit a video of yourself (or you and your hunting buddy) doing what you do during your hunting seasons.  If  you’re a hunting duo (yourself and a buddy) both of you will become members of Team FieldTrips, if selected.  Whether you’re a hardcore Deer, Turkey, Duck, Elk, Bear or Moose Hunter, the video you submit should showcase how you hunt and your personality while doing it.  Although we’re not looking for a comedy, we like a sense of humor, so don’t be afraid to “cut-up” a little on your footage.  Our FieldTrips episodes are anywhere from 3 – 10 minutes so try and pack as much information, entertainment and hard-core hunting action into your submissions as you can.  Your video submission should be NO LONGER than 10 minutes so show us your best stuff.  Remember, the videos that are interesting and informative will get the nod from Dan and I as the newest member(s) of Team FieldTrips.  Shooting an animal on video is NOT a requirement for this contest.  If you’ve got good encounters on video, or you’ve got a great teaching segment on how to hang a treestand safely and properly, that might be enough to win.  Who knows, your personality on video might be what we’re looking for!  We’re looking for a couple more “Average Joes” like us who like to video their hunts and maybe take them to the next level. 

So go ahead, scour your existing footage and put your thinking caps on for this season’s footage yet to be filmed.  Be safe and start recording!  We assume no responsibility for the creation of your video. You are totally responsible for the production of your submitted video and the results of filming it.  When you submit your video, you agree that it becomes the property of Heritage Hunters LLC and you authorize us to use it on our website, on television, or in any other public medium we choose. Videos must not contain any ads or commercial content. We reserve the right to edit your footage, add a head and/or tail as well as our contact information to the videos before posting them online.  If your video is selected, you will win the following:
* Membership to “Team FieldTrips” and the opportunity to showcase your hunting videos on www.theheritagehunters.com
* Team FieldTrips Swag (including Team FT Hat, Truck Decal, T-shirt and Sweatshirt)
* Sling Shot Hunting Pack by Sportsman’s Outdoor Products (http://www.sophuntinggear.com/hornhunter.html)
* Waterproof Scope Cover also by Sportsman’s Outdoor Products
* 1 Pair of Numa Optics Sunglasses (your choice of style) (www.numaoptics.com)
* A brand new Roscoby Riser Cam (www.roscoby.com)
* Opportunities to receive gear from our sponsors

We want you to show us who you are, how you hunt and some of the heritage behind your hunting style.  We want to see average Joes like us trying to lay down footage of their hunting exploits.  The footage does not have to be edited, but 10 minutes of nicely edited footage will certainly help your chances of winning.  Remember, we’re looking for new members of Team FieldTrips that can record AND produce hunting footage to be featured on our site in our FieldTrips video section.   Make sure you don’t have any copyrighted material on your footage.  If you’re using music of some sort, make sure you’ve got permission to use it. 

Format:  Please either submit finished videos that we can upload directly to YouTube such as QuickTime .MOV, Windows .AVI, or .MPG files ON 1 DVD or Data Disc, or send your raw footage to us on a mini-DV tape. 
Also, an outline of what is on the footage must accompany the tape or DVD.  The outline doesn’t have to be real detailed but something for us to go by when we’re viewing the footage or if we decide to watch a segment of your footage again to decide the winner (In other words, tell us what’s on your footage in order).  Make sure to include your contact information (name, address, email, and phone number) on the outline that accompanies the DVD or Mini-DV tape so we can get in touch with you if you win. 
Send Your Data Disc, DVD or Mini-DV to:
Heritage Hunters Video Contest
152 Montgomery Street
Canajoharie, NY 13317
The Fine Print:  We reserve the right to accept or reject submissions based on the suitability for display online. Our decision is final.  All material submitted become the property of Heritage Hunters LLC, and will not be returned. So if you’ve got keepsake footage on the tape or DVD, MAKE A COPY before sending it out to us.  By submitting your material you authorize Heritage Hunters LLC to use your content online, or in any written or digital media such as but not limited to online applications and television.  By sending us your footage, you are agreeing to take part in a phone interview if your footage is selected as the winner.  We will send the winner of the contest the prizes and an acceptance letter to Team FieldTrips after we have reviewed all the submissions.   The acceptance letter will outline all video responsibilities for being part of Team FieldTrips. Winner will be announced on www.theheritagehunters.com 
Videos that are not selected may still appear on our site for a period of time. 

Please Be Safe! Heritage Hunters will not be held responsible for anything related to the creation, or distribution of any material submitted in this contest.

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