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Hunt of the Month
Monday, January 21st, 2008

Who doesn’t love a good hunting story?  Whether it’s about the one that got away or the one you filled the freezer with, this is the place to share the story! Our intention with this area of the site is to convey the hunter’s experience as accurately as possible for the preservation of the hunt.  Sometimes the story will be written by the hunter and sometimes the Heritage Hunters Staff will recount the story for you.  Just click on Hunt of the Month at the right to read our latest tale!

If you’ve got a hunting story you’d like to share.  Submit it to: info@theheritagehunters.com  along with a photograph.  By sending us your story and photo, you are giving Heritage Hunters LLC permission to use it on the site.

Hunt of the Month – January 2008
Sunday, January 13th, 2008

This Month’s Hunt features Brad Smith from Edmeston NY.  Brad was hunting the edge of a well known bedding area perched in a Pine Tree on November 11th, 2008.  As with most afternoon hunts, Brad knew he probably wouldn’t have much action until the last hour of daylight when he planned to make use of his grunt tube.  The action that took place around 3:30pm was not exactly what Brad was hoping for.  A group of ATV’s out on a “Joy Ride” came within 50 yards of his stand not once, but twice!  Needless to say, there was no “Joy” for Brad in regards to this situation.  Thinking his hunt was done, Brad continued to sit there hoping the ATV’s would not come back.  Brad hunt Jan picAt about 4:30pm, Brad heard what he thought was a soft grunt in the pie shaped thicket in front of him.  After firing a grunt sequence back at the unknown buck, Brad heard something busting through the brush.  Finally, the buck showed himself and came to within 12 steps broadside.  After stopping the buck with a mouth grunt, Brad sent his Grim Reaper tipped carbon on its way to a pass-through.  The buck kicked slightly and ran about 50 yards.  He stood there for a few seconds and then appeared to hunch his back and slink off into the golden-rod field.  Brad was taking no chances on this deer.  He made up his mind when he saw the buck “hunch” that he probably clipped guts and he was backing out until morning.  After climbing down and inspecting his arrow, Brad’s initial diagnosis was confirmed.  There was, what looked like, intestinal contents on the leaves and the arrow had that all too familiar smell to it.  One sleepless night later, Brad went to where he saw the buck enter the golden-rod.  He found a spot of blood in the field and looked up to find the buck lying within 10 steps of where he had last seen the buck.  A back-track of the blood trail revealed that the deer was bleeding good and an examination of the entrance / exit wound found that the arrow passed through one lung, liver and guts. When asked about his decision to wait until morning for the recovery when the buck was clearly done before climbing out of the tree, Brad had this to say: “I’d make the same decision again.  Sure that buck was dead before I got out of the tree, but he was just as dead the next morning.  He was locked up tighter than a Brinks Truck though!”

 A Special Note on this hunt:  A member of Heritage Hunters Staff was actually in the tree with Brad when he made this shot.  With light fading fast, the camera was able to capture the impact.  Look for this hunt on a future episode of FieldTrips coming soon!

Profile of the month
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Our Mission is to seek out the stories and strategies from Hunters of all walks of life in an effort to document, enlighten and fuel the passion for hunting.  This is the place you can read about our varied members and their unique but all too common Hunting Heritage.  At Heritage Hunters we say “One Heritage…..Many Stories” because even though we all have different stories about how we hunt and how we got into hunting, we’re all bonded by a common love of Hunting.  Click on Member Profile of The Month under Categories at the right to read about this month’s featured member. —>

Or click here to read our latest Member Profile

 If you’re a member of Heritage Hunters and you’d like to see yourself Profiled on our site, send us an email at      info@theheritagehunters.com



Member Profile – January 2008
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

January’s Member Spotlight is on:
Jereme Nasse from Canajoharie, NY.  Jereme has been hunting for 17yrs and had this to say when interviewed about his hunting heritage.jereme profile pic
HH: How did you get started hunting Jereme? 
JN: “I started Hunting when I was 10.  My Grandfather’s cousin would come up to NY every spring from North Carolina to hunt Turkeys.  I’ll never forget the first time he asked me if I wanted to go with him.”

HH: What is your favorite type of hunting and why?
“I love to Bowhunt! Fall is my favorite time of year.  The weather starts getting cooler and that’s when you know it’s getting close to “Go Time!”

HH: Who is your hunting mentor and do you have a special story about them you’d like to share?
JN: “Most folks call him Louie.  He showed me how exciting deer hunting can be and also called in my first Gobbler.  He was in the woods with me the day I shot my first buck and has played a pivotal role in increasing my odds at harvesting game.  One of his lines to me through the years has always been “The more you go, the luckier you’re gonna get!”

HH: What are two things you’ve learned throughout your years of hunting that you’d like to share with your fellow members?
“#1. There are few things better than the camaraderie experienced during hunting season.      And  #2. You only get out of hunting season what    you put into it”

HH: If you had to describe one thing about hunting you like the most, what would it be?
“Sharing good times with great friends after one of us gets a deer.”

HH: If you had the chance to hunt anywhere in the world, where would it be and for what?
JN: “I’d love to go to Alaska on a Black Bear hunt.”

HH: What are your plans for this coming season?
“I am currently striving through the use of various food plots, to hold more deer on my property before, during and after the season.”

HH: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the other members?
“Yeah, remember that your season can turn from bad to great in about 5 seconds so never get discouraged.  Keep at it!”

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