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Speedzone by Limbsaver
Monday, November 16th, 2009

Review of Speedzone by Limbsaver


Initial Thoughts: Upon receiving the Speedzone and getting it set-up, Dan and I both had the same feeling as when we reviewed the DZ-32.  Limbsaver makes a sharp looking bow!  Maybe it’s the wood grip, or the color contrast between the blue on the cams and string with the G1 Camo.  I’m not sure.  I do know that whoever is in charge of the quality control on the Limbsaver bows needs to get a raise.  These bows are flawless!  The Limbsaver bows may look a little different than the cookie cutter bows on the market, but that’s part of the allure for us. 
After getting the rest and sight on, we walked out to our 1 year old bag target and shot 1 arrow…….ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE BAG!  We realized we had a fast bow on our hands at that point.  Now I realize that the arrow could have hit an already established hole and gone straight through, but after extracting my arrow out of the lawn on the other side of the target, I thought I’d better use my Hybrid King target from American Whitetail Targets for the sighting in process. 
As I mention in the Fast Facts Video (below), we were a little skeptical as to how the draw cycle was going to feel on such a fast bow.  We’re aware of the fact that you don’t get a super speedy bow with “smooth as butter” cams, not on any bow!  After sighting the bow in, I handed it to Dan for a round.  We both agreed that while there is a slight “hump” in there, it’s relatively smooth for our tastes and the attraction to this bow grew from there. 

Specs on the Speedzone:

Mass Weight: 4.1 Pounds
Let-off: 75%
Axle to Axle: 34 1/2 Inches
Brace Height: 5 7/8 Inches
IBO Speed: 348 – 353 FPS
String: Winner’s Choice
Cam: H.E.A.T Hyperdrive Modular

Key Features:
Grip: I don’t know if the folks at Limbsaver slimmed up the grip on the Speedzone but this grip feels slimmer and more streamlined than last year’s DZ-32.  The wood grip looks very sharp on this bow!

String Decelerator: A new feature on the Speedzone that adds to the speed and dampening is the addition of a string decelerator system which eliminates the need for anything on the string, slowing down the shot.

NAVCOM Incorporation Throughout: As is the case with all the bows in the limbsaver line-up, NAVCOM vibration control material adorns the Speedzone from top to bottom.  This material together with the No-contact limb system (The limbs pockets are designed so that the limbs and riser do not actually touch each other)  makes all the bows in Limbsaver’s line-up Dead Quiet on the shot. 

H.E.A.T Cam and Hyperdrive Module: Another feature of the Speedzone is the addition of what limbsaver calls, a “Hyperdrive Speed Module” to the H.E.A.T Cams (“High Efficiency Active Transfer”).  This module stores more energy on the draw adding to the speed of the arrow.  These cams are draw length adjustable and offered in 25 – 30” draw lengths with individual ½ inch modules sold separately.  We’re not sure if it is the Hyperdrive Module, a slight re-design of the overall H.E.A.T cam or if our rotator cuff is just getting stronger, but the Speedzone has a smoother than expected draw cycle.  The back wall is solid and we were able to keep it maxed out in poundage to get the most out of the shot while still maintaining a comfortable draw.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a slight hump to get over in the draw cycle, but overall the draw on the Speedzone has us pleasantly surprised.  In fact, we went to our local archery shop to shoot it side by side another “speed bow” on the market (no names, but it was a monster to draw back)  Both Dan and I agreed that the Speedzone had a much smoother draw than that particular bow.

Accessories used in this review: 
Scroll Over Titles to Access Manufacturers Link

Victory Arrows: The Vforce HV Victory Arrows not only give us more speed out of our hunting set-ups, they are some of the best flying, most consistent arrows we’ve ever shot! www.victoryarchery.com

Limbsaver Drop-Away:  Being familiar with this prong style fall-away rest on last year’s DZ-32 review, it made “Out of the Box” set-up of the Speedzone easy.  It’s adjustable launching arm allows for correct timing and the Rolling Fulcrum Limb system on the Speedzone made it easy to relax the string to set the cord on this rest.  www.Limbsaver.com

Limbsaver Quiver:  The new Limbsaver quivers look great, and our only complaint has to do with the asthetics of how the arrows look when loaded in the quiver.  They don’t lay perfectly flat.  They are sort of staggered up and down but that is more a matter of preference to us.  www.limbsaver.com

X-coil Stabilizer: We’ve tried most of the stabilizers on the market and feel that none can equal those made by Limbsaver.  The 4 ½ inch NAVCOM X-coil is the perfect hunting stabilizer in our opinion. www.limbsaver.com

Limbsaver Sight:  The 5 pin solar powered Prism-Lite sight almost seemed like overkill with the Speed that the Speedzone generates.  Upstate NY isn’t exactly like out west when it comes to number of pins.  However, we liked the simplicity of the sight along with how bright the pins were.  The Prism-lite allows for subtraction of pins if you need to and at 4.4 oz, will not weigh your bow down.  www.limbsaver.com

Kwikee Quiver: We decided to also try a Kwikee quiver on the Speedzone.  Kwikee quivers have been around a long time and it’s nice to see that they are staying current with various camo patterns (the G1 camo on the quiver matched that of the Speedzone perfectly).   This 4 arrow quiver help up very well on the shot and we really didn’t notice any difference between it and the limbsaver quiver in terms of noise produced.   www.kwikeekwiver.com

Truglo Range Rover 1 Pin Sight:  When testing the Speedzone with a dedicated 1 pin system, we used the Truglo “Range Rover” to see how far out we could go without using windage or moving the pin.  We got to somewhere around 38 yards before we felt the need to slightly raise the pin.  The Range Rover’s .29 diameter pin is super bright and extremely easy to move on the fly.  This sight will be on the Speedzone this Fall in the deer woods!  www.truglo.com

QAD Rest: We also Tried the QAD ultra Rest on the Speedzone and it has quickly become our favorite rest.  The combination of arrow containment and easy “Thumb Loading” ability make this rest tough to beat.  We found the need to remove the NAVCOM strip on the shelf with the addition of the QAD so that it has full drop-down clearance.  This did not affect noise level at all and we were excited to try these rests out hunting this fall.  Updated Note *** This rest worked flawlessly in all of our hunting situations! www.qadinc.com 

BowLegs: This is our first experience with this product.  We took the Speedzone for a spin at our local 3D range and decided to leave the rangefinder at home to see how it would fair.  The use of the BowLegs came in real handy in that they attach to the bottom part of the riser and allow you to set the bow down at any time on pretty much any surface.  We needed the extensions because of the limb configuration of the Speedzone (sold separately) These Bowlegs are lightweight aluminum so extra weight isn’t really an issue and we’re stoked to give them a try in our Covert Ground blinds this season! www.polemountainoutdoors.com

Double Bow Case by 30-06 Outdoors: This case is more ridgid than a true “soft” case because of its heavy duty nylon and skid resistant base plates.  We liked the multiple pockets inside and out and this case only retails for $50.  http://home.frognet.net/~jweaver/3006/

G5 Peep by G5 Outdoors: We’ve used these peeps on all our bow reviews because they are nice and big.  For all of you people out there concerned with “asthetics”, the blue G5 Peep goes real nice with the Blue in the H.E.A.T Cams and winner’s choice string. www.g5outdoors.com

Our Marks on the Speedzone:

Quality: 5 out of 5: As I said before, the Quality Control department of Limbsaver is on their game and the Winner’s Choice String and cables also adds to the quality of this bow. 

Draw Cycle: 4.8 out of 5: We’ve felt smoother, but it really is a pleasant surprise compared to what we thought it might be. 

Balance: 5 out of 5: The straight riser design provides great balance in the hand and a torque free shot.

Noise/Handshock: 5 out of 5: The combination of the NAVCOM material from top to bottom along with the no-contact limb system and riser design makes this bow dead quiet on the shot.

Speed:  5 out of 5: We feel Limbsaver has gotten more speed with a smoother draw cycle so we’re going with a 5 on this one.

Overall Value: 5 out of 5: Once again, Limbsaver combines speed, balance and significant noise reduction in an innovative bow design.  Check one out today at your local Limbsaver dealer or www.limbsaver.com

Bottom Line: This bow has been a pleasure to shoot and provides a combination of speed, stealth, and Kinetic Energy that should make serious bow hunters take notice.  As I mentioned in last year’s Deadzone review, I had high expectations of what Limbsaver could do in year #2 of their bow production.  It appears that this year’s line-up not only offers more options for us consumers but also that the quality of that product was brought to the next level.  Bravo!

Spider Brace Camera Mounts
Monday, November 16th, 2009

Review of Spider Brace Camera Mounts


Over the last few years, we’ve met quite a few hunters who are getting serious about preserving their hunts on video.  If you’re interested about filming your hunts, you’ll want steady camera work.  No one wants to watch several minutes of footage that looks like deleted scenes from “The Blair Witch Project”.  Spider Brace addresses this issue with an affordable alternative to high priced camera mounts.  Hey, we’re all about “Affordable” but the product also has to be functional too.  We believe Spider Brace has a solid place in the filming of hunts. 

Spider Brace 1: This model is designed for cameras with an offset eyepiece, however we found it to work well with smaller cameras just as well (ex. Our Canon GL2)  The nice thing about this model is that it has the two handles which double as a base to prop the camera on the ground for continuous filming.  We found that we used this model most when we didn’t have the need for the in/out zoom or manual focus (ex. Tracking a downed animal) 

Mini Rig:  This model is for cameras that have the eyepiece directly at the rear of the camera body.  Smaller cameras work best with this model and the angled PVC at the rear fits perfectly over the shoulder for steady filming.  When using this model, we found that we could still control the variable zoom with one hand. 

Videos of these two models (and others) can be found on the Spider Brace Website

Both models are made of PVC plastic and weigh about 1 pound.  The units come as a collapsible “take-down” model or welded depending on your preference. All models use a standard ¼ inch screw to attach the camera to the brace and all points of contact (handles and shoulder) are covered with foam for extra cushioning.  Although there is no attachment for a tripod underneath the set screw, the Spider Brace 1 works great for those low to the ground “Hero” shots. 

Our experience with Spider Brace: 


We found that these mounts work extremely well for on the go, run and gun, type footage.  Turkey season, walking to/from stands, etc.  We did try the mounts in the treestand as an alternative to a tree arm mount but found that some trees were a little too tight for every shot angle.  The part that came into contact with our shoulder hit the tree sometimes making it tough to get the correct shot angle.  Then again, the Spider Brace worked quite well in other treestand set-ups that we have.  The mount is designed so that you are rock steady while looking through the view finder so it’s really up to you as to what situation you think you could use it.  This product is well worth the $70 for the steady footage it gives you.    The PVC is durable and light and makes for easy transport attached to your pack. 
The only recommendation that we can remotely make after testing these two models would be for the manufacturer to come up with a way to make the shoulder rest adjustable (maybe 4 or 5 inches of adjustability).  We found ourselves with excess mount hanging off the back of our shoulders using the viewfinder.  This excess is what hit the tree in some of our treestand set-ups.   Other than that, they’ve got this product down!

Our Marks on Spider Brace:

Function: 4.5 out of 5: This product is pretty much an all purpose camera mount except for the fact that it’s a little clumsy in tight treestand spots. 

Quality: 5 out of 5: The PVC holds up exceptionally well and we’ve had no issues thus far in terms of any malfunctions.

Overall Value: 5 out of 5: When you consider that a professional shoulder mount costs anywhere from $100 to $850, a price tag of $70 and $50 (respectively for the Spider Brace 1 and Mini Rig) is very attractive.  Add to that the fact that these are durable and perform as expected, you’ve got yourself a winner!

For more information on the variety of mounts by Spider Brace, check out www.spiderbrace.com

Gum-O-Flage Alert
Monday, November 16th, 2009

Review of Gum-O-Flage Alert



Most hunters are concerned about the amount of scent they are giving off as they enter their hunting area and remain on stand for a period of time.  Most are also aware that a significant amount of odor leaves your mouth.  The Gum-O-Flage Alert product from Hunting Science has attempted to tackle one of the sources of human scent in this situation…..your breath odor!  In fact, the makers of Gum-O-Flage Alert claims that 80% of all human odors come from the mouth.   Being a Science Teacher, I was interested in the anti-microbial properties of this product along with the common “how’s it taste” question.  I’ll answer both with our thoughts on this product thrown in for good measure.


The Science behind Gum-O-Flage Alert:
Cute name, but how does it work?  Here’s how:
All of the gum produced by Hunting Science is a combination of all natural / sugar-free ingredients that are designed to serve two purposes in the field.  1. Blend in with the natural scent of your hunting area (ex. Apple, Alfalfa, Pine flavors offered) and 2. Continuously neutralize the bacteria in your mouth via the natural oils in the gum (ex. Oils from the rind of apples, pine oils, parsley oils, etc.) so the “Human” element is eliminated from your breath.   Remember wondering what those strips of parsley were for on your plate when you were a kid?  Now we realize that the purpose of those are to “cleanse” the pallet.  Hunting Science brought this idea to gum, where a consistent chewing would keep the bacteria at bay instead of giving it a chance to “re-grow”. An added feature to this gum is the ingredient “chlorophyll” which attempts to make you smell more like a “plant eater” instead of the predators that we are. 
The Taste of Gum-O-Flage:
I’ve got to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this stuff.  It’s got a Green Apple flavor that is sweeter than expected.  We thought the taste remained in the gum for about as long as any piece of regular gum.  This gum gets above average marks on taste with a mark of “average” on lasting flavor. 


Consistency Over Time of Gum-O-Flage Alert:
One thing we noticed with this gum is that if you’re not chomping on it quite regularly while on stand, it tends to liquefy slightly and break up into smaller pieces in your mouth.  I don’t know if  it’s the molecular break down of the gum or something else, but I would say the gum has a life span of about 1 hour without constant chewing.  After that, pop in another piece or spit it out entirely.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  As per the science of this product, you want to keep constantly chomping and mixing those natural oils to neutralize the bacteria in the mouth. 


What’s up with the “Alert” in Gum-O-Flage Alert?: 
Not only does this product attempt to eliminate your breath odor, it also attempts to give you that extra boost of concentration and energy with 10mg of Caffeine, or about an eight ounce cup of coffee.  Now I’m a coffee drinker so I didn’t notice a “jolt” of energy from this gum.  However Dan, who doesn’t drink coffee at all, seemed to love the stuff and always seemed to be chomping on a piece or two on the way to our afternoon stands. 


Overall Opinion of Gum-O-Flage Alert:  Although we could only realistically do the “Does my breath smell?” test, which by the way was a little scary at first, this product falls into the “confidence” category for us.  By that we mean that whenever a product gives you more “confidence” about your hunt, your scent free-ness (as we like to call it), and your overall aura in the woods, we’re all for it.  This is one of those products.  The science behind it is sound, it tastes good and it won’t cost you a fortune to give it a try.   It’s only one piece of the puzzle of course so don’t forget about your complete scent routine.


Our Marks on Gum-O-Flage Alert:

Concept: 5 out of 5: Since your breath is a significant source of odor, this product attempts to tackle that source with sound scientific principles. 


Taste: 4 out of 5: Gum-O-Flage tastes pretty good and comes in a variety of other flavors (like Alfalfa Honey). 


Overall Value: 4 out of 5: Although more than a regular pack of gum, the $5.00 price tag gives you 20 odor eliminating pieces.  You can’t say that for a pack of regular gum.


For more information on Gum-O-Flage Alert and to check out other products from Hunting Science visit www.huntingscience.com


Wrangler 9 Pocket Camo Pants
Monday, November 16th, 2009

Review of  Wrangler 9 Pocket Camo Pants


Many of our reviews are quite in-depth.  We try and give our complete opinion and experience with the product.  Here’s one that’s short and sweet, because frankly how much can you say about a pair of pants?

When I chose to review the 9 pocket camo pants from Wrangler, I decided to test their ruggedness by putting them through a series of treestand preparation tasks that I do prior to each season.  This involves, hanging new sets in some new locations, switching out some older stands for creaking and safety reasons and of course, the necessary yearly pruning that needs to be done.  I decided that I would wear these jean-like pants on every trip (at least 10 trips) to see how they hold up.  Needless to say, I was impressed.


Wear: These pants, designed with the hunter in mind, have a roomy fit but still wear like jeans and have a zippered fly.  They are 100% cotton but the 11.5 ounce fabric is rugged enough to withstand those briars.  Think of them as jeans on steroids that come in Mossy Oak or Realtree camouflage. 

Washing: I washed these pants after every couple of outings to see if the color faded or the roomy fit dissipated.  Although the color was a little less vibrant, shall we say, the camo pattern remained intact after several washings.  There was also no shrinkage, which I’m thrilled with because I can’t stand tight fitting hunting clothing. 

Pockets: Yeah, there’s 9 of them, but those that are in the same locations as your regular pair of jeans are bigger and deeper.  The side pockets are more “carpenter style” than “BDU style” and work great for sliding in tools that I needed to work on the stands. 

Overall Opinion: The lowest we could find these pants were around $25 online.  I would order your normal waist size since they’re designed to be roomy.  Overall, this product is rugged, wears well after washing and may just be your favorite pair of hunting pants after you’ve worn them a while.  For sure, the next task I’m going to put them through will be when I’m doing a deer drive in that perennial thicket complete with briars and thorns!

Our Marks on the 9 Pocket Pants from Wrangler

Fit: 4.5 out of 5: I’m not really a “jean” type guy when it comes to hunting pants but I really liked the way these fit.  They were roomy enough to climb around in comfortably up in those trees and didn’t shrink after washing.

Quality: 5 out of 5: These pants are some of the most rugged pants I’ve worn and certainly held up to my treestand hanging abuse as well as successive washings.

Overall Value: 5 out of 5: Nowadays, a lot of hunting apparel is close to (or in some cases in excess of) $100, a price tag of $25 on these pants does the wallet good!

If you’re interested in purchasing these pants, check them out HERE

Fall 2009 Hunting Boot Preview
Monday, November 16th, 2009

 Fall 2009 Hunting Boot Preview


In this review we are going to introduce 6 different styles of boots from 6 different companies.  We tried to choose boots with different aspects depending on the type of hunting you’ll be doing and the area of the country that you live in.  This review has a mix of established companies and some companies new to the hunting boot scene so there’s no excuse to not provide your dogs with a comfortable, dry, and rugged pair of quality boots this fall..  (Companies listed in no particular order)

Bogs Footwear: We tested the Blaze 1000 and the Classic High 1000 (both in Mossy Oak camo) and although we weren’t previously familiar with this company, we really like what they have to offer.  We’ve always been fans of the tall rubber hunting boot and Bogs offers a great selection, since that’s the majority of boots they make.  They even have some styles that have handles on the sides for ease of pulling the boots on.  We also liked Bogs for the fact that they have styles that our wives and children would wear.  The “One-stop” online boot place for sure.

Blaze 1000
• %100 waterproof & warm
• Comfort rated from +60 to -65 degrees.
• Non-slip non-marking outsoles
• Aegis anti-microbial insoles (prevent odor)

Classic High 1000
*%100 waterproof & warm
*Comfort rated from +60 degrees to -65 degrees.
*Non-slip non-marking outsoles
*Four-way stretch Neoprene upper
*Aegis anti-microbial insoles (prevent odor)

Our Opinion:  If hunters start to catch on to these boots from Bogs, they will represent some serious competition in the hunting footwear market.  The boots are just as high quality as any we’ve tested and depending on your tastes, their selection of rubber / neoprene boots is quite good.  They even have some low styles that would work nicely for work.  Their pricing is about the same as all the other boot manufacturers but we really liked the fit and quality of these boots.  We’d suggest giving them a try this fall, no doubt!

Lacrosse Footwear: As we’ve mentioned in previous reviews, Dan and I are fans of this company.  Not only do they support the hunter with their products, they support the preservation of hunting and its ideals.  We tested the new Alpha SST 1200 gram Thinsulate boots from LaCrosse and shall we say “BRAVO!”

Alpha SST:
The Alpha® SST™ (Scent Suppressing Technology™), made of rubber-clad, naturally-insulating neoprene has a scent-proof gator on the top of the boots and provides scent control on the inside as well as the outside. This makes it a great choice for scent-free stealth while traveling to and from the treestand. The SST has a nylon fabric lining for comfort and snag-proof durability and features 1200G Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation for colder hunting conditions. 
*Scent-free, waterproof rubber-over-naturally insulating neoprene
*Neoprene stretches for a personalized fit
*Outsole features shallow, self-cleaning lugs that are ideal for stalking and keeping you from getting stuck in the mud.
*18″ height
*5.7 lbs per pair

Our opinion: LaCrosse footwear is like a fine wine.  They just keep getting better with age and their new Alpha SST boot proves this.  The incorporation of the scent-proof gator tells us that LaCrosse is addressing the age old argument among hunters about that “plume” of scent that supposedly wafts up over the tops of the boot alerting game to your entry / exit route.

Irish Setter:  Another well known manufacturer of quality footwear allowed us to test the Shadow Trek Viper Knee boot.  This boot is not only tough as nails when it comes to walking through thick brush, you won’t have to worry about snakes with these on.

Shadow Trek Viper:
*Weight: 4 lb. 0 oz.
*Height: 17-inch Side Zip
*Ultra Dry Fabric Lining
*Leather / Cordura Upper
*Realtree Hardwoods® HD Green Fabric
*Moisture Wicking Nylon Lining
*Fabric Covered EVA Footbed
*Steel Shank
*EVA Midsole
*Ground Claw Sole
*Cement Construction

Our Opinion:  The side zip feature on this boot is great for easy on/off applications.  The cool looking grooved toe-cap, “Ground Claw” rubber cleated bottom and snake-proof upper makes these boots a must have for those areas of the country with angry reptiles.  The only nuisance we found with these boots was the inside snap at the top of the zipper.  Depending on your walking style, you may find that the inside part of these boots rub together on the stride undoing the snap.  The zipper remained zipped and did not come undone, however the snaps rubbing together was a bit of an annoyance.  Then again, maybe we need to “Cowboy Up” and widen the inside gap on our stride.

Wood ‘N Trail: This is also a new company we were introduced to that offer 2 styles of boots that are quite unique.  We tested the BWT 800 and found this boot to be perfect for long hikes through the timber.  Wood ‘N Trail also has a complete line of hunting apparel with choices in Twill, Wool, Fleece and what they call “Exodry” performance material, making this company another choice for that “One-stop” hunting shop.  Wood ‘N Trail have found a way to cover these leather boots with a completely waterproof membrane.  It looks and wears like leather, but feels somewhat like a rubber material making the overall boot completely waterproof.

BWT 800:
*Waterproof Leather with Wood ‘N Trail’s exclusive camo pattern with waterproof cordura trim
*EXODRY waterproof / breathable membrane between leather and lining
*800 gram 3M Thinsulate
*SCENTRAP anti-odor lining
*EXODRY lining for moisture wicking and quick drying
*Toe Protector for anti-scuff resistance
*Shock absorbing rubber in heel, midsole and outsole
*Traction treads with “Auto-clean” design
*Anti-fatigue EZ-Move heel with memory foam foot beds that shape to your feet
*Heavy Duty stitching in all stress areas
*Extended tongue that to aide in lacing

Our opinion: We didn’t expect this boot to be so comfortable.  We wore these on most of our long scouting trips this summer and not only did they keep our feet dry in the 90 degree temps, we couldn’t get over how comfy these boots are.  Maybe it’s because of the memory foam in the sole that shapes to your foot or the overall fit of these boots but their level of comfort gets huge points from us. 

Wolverine: Yet another established boot manufacturer had us test the King Caribou III 9” boot in Mossy Oak Camo.  We wore these all last turkey season and they still look great with their combination of 1000 denier cordura upper and GORE-TEX lining. 

King Caribou III:
*Tough 1000-denier Cordura® upper.
*Breathable GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane lining
*800-gram Thinsulateâ„¢ Ultra Insulation adds extra warmth.
*Removable full-cushion insole.
*Compression molded EVA foam midsole with camo wrap.
*Wolverine® TPU Lug Wrapped outsole. Cement construction.
*Lightweight nylon shank fights fatigue.

Our opinion:  The King Caribou III really does a great job of securing your ankles so there’s no slipping or chaffing.  The fit around that region is sometimes hit or miss with boots but Wolverine hits the sizing nail on the head here.  As I mentioned, we wore these during our Turkey Season and always came away with dry feet.  The only thing we can find fault with on these boots is the way the upper portion of the tongue gets crammed in between your leg and the laces when you tie them all the way up.  It seems like there’s a little too much “tongue” in this boot!

Rocky Boots: When we heard that Rocky was coming out with a boot called the “Broadhead” boot, we began to salivate with anticipation.  This boot is the epitomy of cool.  It’s a boot that is specifically designed for stalking from the soles to the lightweight material that makes up this boot. Throw in the GORE-TEX lining and these boots did not disappoint!

Broadhead Silent Stalker:
*BoneCage Technology, a webbed design of protective overlay on both sides of the boot structure and protection against scrapes
*Neoprene and leather upper
*Durably Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX
*Lightweight abrasion resistant skins attached to lengthen the wear cycle
*Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level
*TalusFlex technology maximizes mobility
*Ultra light – 1.5 lbs per pair!
*Ultra light and flexible BroadHead EVA outsole provides for ultra sensitive feel in each step

Our Opinion:  If you want the comfort of a sneaker, check that, a really comfortable sneaker, on your hunts this fall, do yourself a favor and give the Broadhead boot from Rocky a try.  These boots won’t keep you toasty warm but the comfort level was unmatched in this review.  Throw in the waterproof ability of GORE-TEX and Rocky’s Scent IQ microbial odor control and your feet will thank you.  Hello early season bowhunting!

We hope you check out these companies if you’re in the market for a new pair of boots this fall.

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