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Heritage Hunters Video Contest Winners
Saturday, June 26th, 2010

1st Annual Heritage Hunters Video Contest

In the fall of 2009, we posed a challenge to all those who video their hunts. We asked for videos showcasing the hunting heritage and a passion for the outdoors. The winners would win some great prizes as well as have the opportunity to produce videos for our Team FieldTrips video series. After viewing hours of footage, we came up with two entries that we thought both deserved top honors. So without further adeu, here are the “Co-Winners” of our 1st Annual Heritage Hunters Video Contest and their winning videos:


Chip, Chad and Marc from ANIM@L HOUSE


 It was a difficult job to sift through the video entries and decide which advance to the top spot.  We would like to give an honorable mention category to Jadon for his self-filmed entry seen below and hope to see more from this young man on a future FieldTrips episode:







New Camo Apparel
Monday, June 21st, 2010

New Camo Apparel

I personally don’t know a serious hunter who isn’t infatuated with new camouflage apparel.  It’s as enticing as any new gadget out there.  We got a chance to utilize a couple new offerings from Big Bill and Gamehide this Spring and we thought we’d give you the intel on them.  If you’re like us, and your ears perk up when the topic of camo arises, you’re going to like what these companies have to offer!  Click the red headlines to visit their sites!

Wood ‘N Trail Camo – Twill


The Wood ‘N Trail division of Big Bill offers a wide variety of apparel from performance “Exo Dry” to wool, fleece and twill.  They have created a camouflage pattern that works well in all seasons here in the Northeast.  This spring we tested the button down shirt and 6 pocket BDU pants and found the following:

Durability: These garments are made from thick cotton twill and were quite rugged.  The heft of the material is thick enough to provide a degree of warmth and protection from briars.  All the stitching held together very well even after successive washings.

Fit: Over the years, we’ve found that different manufacturers have different size charts when it comes to the fit of garments.  What is an extra large jacket for one manufacturer is a large for another.  Wood ‘N Trail got the dimensions right on these garments. We found the XL shirt and Large pants to be roomy enough to provide freedom of movement without feeling too baggy.

Effectiveness: In the Spring Turkey woods, this pattern had just the right amount of greens to blend in early and disappear late in the season without looking too dark on the forest floor.  We really like the potential for this pattern in the Fall however, with the open “earthy” tones.  The pattern as a whole uses different depth resolutions and contrasts to create a 3-dimensional appearance.  As a rule, we like patterns that are more “open” and give the illusion of  being able to “look through” the pattern.  The Wood ‘N Trail design looks to be a pattern that will warrant your attention when looking to disappear in the woods this Fall.

After Washing: Many camo patterns fade after the first couple of washes.  The pattern that Wood ‘N Trail has chosen seems to become better with successive washes.  I mean that the dark areas fade somewhat while the detail in the pattern remains unphased.  This seems to “open” the pattern slightly minimizing the “dark blob in the tree effect”.  We loved the autumn browns, touch of greens and natural grays that this pattern has.

ElimiTick Clothing by Gamehide


Gamehide has long been a company that has a reputation for quality and durability.  Now they have introduced a garment with built-in Insect protection.  The ElimiTick apparel is treated with what Gamehide calls “Insect Shield Permethrin” to repel mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges.    A novel approach for sure, there are some instructions to heed.  Gamehide recommends that you not treat the garments with any other insect repellant product and that you wash the apparel separate from other clothing.  Dry Cleaning is also out of the question (in case you were wondering)  On the plus side, Gamehide claims that the Repellency remains in the garment for around 70 washings.

Durability: We were surprised by how thin the fabric is that make up these ElimiTick garments.  For as thin as they are however,  they are extremely durable.  It’s similar to a ripstop type fabric (Gamehide calls it “Clever Cloth”) and we had zero tears or flaws while wearing these in the turkey woods this spring.  Being so thin also adds to the moisture management aspect on those humid hunts.

Fit: The button-up shirt has a patented “Freedom Sleeve” that eliminates any pulling on the bottom back half of the shirt.  The pants fit great too and had elastic in the back giving a greater size range.


Effectiveness: Not only did the camo do it’s job in the turkey woods, the Permethrin seemed to do it’s job with the insects.  We actually did notice a reduction in the amount of mosquitoes trying to annoy us on our hunts.  We realize that this is not very scientific evidence, but it seems to us that you’re getting an added bonus with the ElimiTick clothing.

After Washing: Taking into account the note about the cleaning instructions above, the color held up well after washing.  Unless you’re washing the ElimiTick apparel more than 70 times during a season, you should enjoy the extra protection from insect bites next turkey season.

So here are two options to consider when you’re ready to take the next step in updating your camo wardrobe.   Don’t hesitate to contact the folks from Big Bill or Gamehide.  I’m sure they’d love to answer any questions you may have.


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