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“Now That’s A Knife!”
Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Now That’s a Knife!

Growing up in the 80’s, there were no shortage of movies with great catch-phrases.  One of my favorites was the 1986 Crocodile Dundee and the “That’s a Knife!” scene:

Times have changed quite a bit for me since 1986 but one thing still holds true. I never know when I’m going to need a good knife!  This review is dedicated to some blades that would make Paul Hogan proud!  We’ve done hunting knife reviews before and just so you don’t think we’ve lost our minds, we’re not telling you that these blades are all purpose skinning/gutting knives or even that you’ll want to ditch your trusty Buck knife that daddy gave you.  However, there are times when you need a little more meat on the bone in terms of a good blade and these knives certainly have it.  Every outdoorsman/woman should own a blade that screams “Now That’s a Knife!” in their collection.  Whether you’re out in the field scouting, hanging stands, clearing trails or just simply on a good hike, you may want to strap one of these babies to your leg, because you never know when the above clip is going to go down in your neighborhood woodlot and you saw how impressed the woman was about that knife, right!?!

We’ve put together quite a collection of knives that are impressive to say the least.  Click the picture of each knife to visit the manufacturers website!

Ontario Knife Company:

This company has earned top billing in this review with what we thought were the some of the most impressive knives we’ve seen in a while.  Extremely well made and rugged, these knives can handle their own in a variety of situations.

Ranger RD4 Ready Detachment ($85) (10.25 inches overall, 4.5 inch blade, .25 inch thick blade)

A true survival in every since of the word, the thickness of the 5160 texture coated blade along with the micarta handle make this knife a hefty piece of tactical excellence!  A very well balanced knife, the RD4 is rugged enough to chop but small enough to wear in a hunting / field-dressing situation.  The MOLLE compatible sheath on this knife is almost as equally impressive with a hard plastic insert and utility pouch. The RD4 is a solid piece of equipment!

Ranger Afghan ($83) ( 10 inches overall, 5 inch long blade, .25 inch thick blade)

In similar fashion to the RD4 above, the Afghan has a simpler look but just as rugged and well balanced.  Same MOLLE compatible type sheath and micarta handle make the Afghan an excellent camp knife as well as what I feel would make a great hunting knife.  Everything about the Afghan knife make it my favorite among all the knives in this review.  Tough, hefty, and all around bad-ass!

SP8 Machete ($50) ( 15.125 inches overall, 10 inch blade, .25 inch thick blade)

The SP8 is a purpose type knife and at only $50, is probably the best value in the mix here.  The heft of the 1095 carbon steel blade make this one hell of a camp knife / brush cutting machine.  Saplings up to softball sized diameter proved to  be no match for the SP8 and once again, the sheath that comes with it is very impressive with snaps and straps.  The handle reminds me of my old KABAR knife and I can assure you that strapping this thing to your leg will make people think twice about how they approach you.  Not necessarily a bad thing!

Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT):

This Oregon based Knife manufacturer works with some of the world’s leading designers to produce ultra sharp knives for sport, work, and professional use.

Razel SS7: ($200)Developed by John Graham, the Razel SS7 is a cross between a razor and a chisel with a beefy knife handle.  This knife takes the cake for being the sharpest knife we’ve ever received “out of the box”.  NOT for the faint of heart, this knife is the ultimate do-it-all tool and is sure to scream “don’t mess with me!” as you use it.

The sheath for the Razel SS7 is molded Kydex and has a quick release belt connection.

The Razel has some little brothers that are also impressive.  Check out this video to see the Razel collection by Columbia River Knife and Tool:


Gerber has been around for over 70 years and is not just a knife company.  From survival kits to pruners to headlamps and flashlights, Gerber has an array of gear for sportsman.  We took a look at 3 different types of knives from Gerber, 2 of which might interest the Deer Hunters.

Freeman Guide Fixed Blade ($32): This offering from Gerber is an excellent choice for a hunting knife.   It may not be the scariest knife in the mix here, but the large finger grooves and TacHide onlay makes this the right choice for field dressing big game.  The sheath is solid construction nylon and we found this blade to hold an edge extremely well.  I like the fact that the tacky grip is removable for cleaning also.

Freeman Guide Folding ($32): I don’t mind telling you that I am not usually a fan of folding knives in my hunting arsenal.  Harder to clean, and not as immediately accessible as the fixed blades, they’ve just never been a favorite.  However, I decided to give this Freeman Guide Folder a try last muzzleloading season and it’s causing me to re-think my stance on this issue.  Not only was this knife easy to to “Flick” open on short notice with the thumb knob, it cleaned up exceptionally well after working on game.  I feel this knife is a do-all sort of knife that can also double as a camp knife (with the exception of the chopping function of course).  The gut-hook on this knife also worked like a charm when it came to zipping through fur, skin and tissue.  It’s a great all-purpose knife for the price!

Gator Machete Pro ($53): As machete’s go, the Gator Pro is top notch!  It’s shorter than we thought it would be at 16.5 inches long but the 17.9 ounce weight-forward design allows it to be used as a regular machete or an axe type tool.   The sheath has a built-in pocket with sharpener for occasional touch-ups in the field.  We took the Gator Pro along on a  few stand hanging sessions this summer and it worked as advertised.  We should also mention it looks quite menacing strapped to the leg!


Blackhawk supplies gear for Military, Law Enforcement and the Gung-Ho Outdoorsman.  They also make one heck of a knife………The Tatang!

Tatang: ($100) Designed by edged-weapons expert Michael Janich, the Tatang has a pistol grip and curved handle that allows for a variety of maneuverability of the blade.   We really like the lean, sleek look of this knife and the knurled rubber handle provides a fantastic gripping surface.  The blade (especially the back part) is hefty enough to be used for chopping/splitting but it’s mobility allows it to be used as a general carry knife during hunting season.

The sheath on the Tatang is simple heavy duty nylon and works well enough.  A minor thing, but we thought that such a cool looking knife would have a cooler looking sheath.

If you’re looking for a little more “meat on the bone” in a quality knife that will make a statement on your belt, give the knives mentioned above a look.  You never know when you’ll need to use that line “Now That’s a Knife!”

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