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Deer Gear 2013 / 2014
Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Deer Gear 2013 / 2014

Ok, so you didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas! If you’re like us, you’ve got 8 – 10 more months before hunting season begins and that means that there’s plenty of time to save up for some really cool new gear. To kickstart the New Year off, we thought we’d feature some new products that we fell in love with while testing this past season. There are products in here to suit the big spender as well as the budget minded hunter so enjoy the selections. As always, don’t take our word for it! Please click the product photos to check these products out for yourself!

Limbsaver Proton $800

The Proton is a 32” axle to axle Split-limb bow with a 7 inch brace height. It has 80% let-off and weighs 3.8 lbs.
This bow has a very friendly draw curve and a rock solid wall. There is very little creep with what limbsaver calls the “H.E.A.T cams”
We’re getting a consistent 313 FPS out of this bad boy and Limbsaver did themselves a favor by re-designing the wooden grip.
We’ve reviewed both the Deadzone and Speedzone in the past and the re-designed grip on the new Proton sits perfectly in the sweet spot of your hand a little better to prevent any sort of torque during the draw and the shot. Pictured below: Proton with improved grip (left) and Deadzone (right)


Limbsaver is known for innovation and the Proton is no different. Not only does this bow have features that have become standard on most of today’s bows like the string stop, but the Proton also has some features that make it (What Limbsaver Calls) the “Most shootable bow on the market!” The POSI-LOCK limb system allows for precise poundage adjustments WITHOUT any change in draw length or brace height. This means that the bow won’t lose it’s tuning when you change poundage. The Proton comes with a special wrench that allows you to adjust the Posi-lock system. The system has 7 numbered locations each corresponding to 2lbs each. This means that I can adjust the poundage from 70 lbs to 64 lbs with 3 clicks of the wrench without needing to re-tune my bow. We also like that the limb area under the posi-lock system seems “beefier” which we assume ensures the integrity of the split limbs during the draw.

The smooth draw is controlled by a 3 phase H.E.A.T cam. Limbsaver has figured out how to affectively balance the forces created by the buss and control cables to essentially eliminate cam lean. Aside from all the technical mumbo jumbo, this bow just plain looks cool and it shoots Lights out! The camo finish is top notch and there’s plenty of bells and whistles on this thing to keep it deadly silent! We’ve spent several months with this bow and we can state as a matter of fact, it is the best shooting bow we’ve ever tested. Limbsaver hit a homerun with the Proton as far as we’re concerned! But don’t take our word for it, visit your local dealer and give one a test run! As always, “AIM SMALL, MISS SMALL”

Upwind Scent Elimination Products

$4.95 – $14.95

One of the necessities of the season, each and every year for us is some form of scent elimination spray as well as hair and body wash.  You’ve got to make sure you are Bacteria free when you head into the deer woods or else you’re negating your efforts.  We spend a great deal of money on these type of products every season and most are essentially full of hydrogen peroxide and who knows what else.
We’ve found a product that allows us to be free of bacteria while at the same time giving us a spray bottle that works flawlessly……enter Upwind Scent Elimination products.  Upwind has it all from the Gallon size, and the 32 oz. spray bottle to the small bottle that fits in your pack to use when you get where you’re going.
Upwind’s patented copper ion technology was originally developed to meet a need for industrial odor elimination. It worked so well with the bacterial growth in the oils and grease used in production of the facilities of the midwest, that it was a no brainer for use in the Hunting realm.  What this essentially means to us hunters is that Upwind uses the anti-bacterial power of copper ions to prevent the gaseous odor caused by those microscopic critters.  No bacteria means no odor and that means your one step closer to zipping an arrow through ol’ mossy horns!
Upwind also has the cure for your stinky breath!  The foam mouth rinse works great and is especially handy for us coffee drinkers that get up at O’dark 30.   We’ve used the spray bottle this entire season and we’re happy to call it the best bang for buck we’ve ever used! (pun intended!)
Upwind Odor elimination has you covered….. literally! So check them out at HUNTUPWIND.COM  and take a look at their products.  You’ll be glad you did!  but your bacteria won’t!!

Puma SGB Trophy Care Set: $55.84

(Click here to see this special price!)

The Puma SGB Trophy Care Set is one of the best “All-around” knife sets that we’ve used to date.  The compact size of this knife set along with it’s leather sheath allows you to wear it on your belt or stash it in your pack.  The blades of all 3 knives are razor sharp and easily maneuverable.  The set includes a gut hook knife, a small caping knife and a small fleshing knife.  All 3 knives are full tang and feature smooth white bone handless with inlaid puma medallion logos.  The Trophy Care set can “Do-it-all” for your skinning, caping and field dressing needs.  We didn’t need to “re-sharpen” as often as some of the other blades we’re used to and best of all, the price is affordable for the average outdoorsman!
Product Specifications:

  • Folding or Fixed Blade: Fixed
  • Blade Steel: 440A Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Smooth White Bone
  • Serrated: No
  • Carry Options: Leather Belt Sheath
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Rockwell Hardness: 55-57 HRC
  • Imported

Willow Creek Hydration Pack $70

The Willow Creek Pack from Alps Outdoorz is a small pack that comes with a 3L hydration bladder. It has 3 pockets (2 in the front of the pack and 1 larger compartment in the back of the back) which are separated by a kangaroo type pouch to strap your clothing and other gear. We’ve found that we rarely wear all of our outer layers on our trek to the stand. Therefore, we need to lash our clothes onto our packs. The Willow Creek pack does an excellent job of this for those “speed hunts” in which we are only taking in a few necessities along with our clothing for a portion of the day. The pack is ultra-lightweight and sits comfortably on the upper portion of our backs and shoulders with ample padding and extremely durable buckles. We have also found the Willow Creek pack to be an excellent scouting pack. Many times we will go into an area all day to scout. Not only does this pack provide enough room for our gear, it provides us with enough water for an all-day scout.

Bushnell Archer boot : $180

This boot fits excellent and the bottoms feel more like a sneaker than a hard boot. That’s a good thing in case you couldn’t tell! We really like the drawstring top which serves to keep our scent inside the boot rather than wafting out over the top. The pull strap on the backside of the boot is also a huge plus in our eyes. It’s clear that Bushnell set out to make a boot that bowhunters would love and they hit the bullseye with the Archer boot. We put some miles on these boots this season and not only do they still look in very good shape, they still fit great too! There is no break-in period with these boots and there is no “break-down” of the boot causing the fit to erode over time. We are very picky when it comes to boots but the Bushnell Archer boots are well worth their price tag.

17″ insulated Realtree AP Camo ®
400 grams Thinsulate Ultra
Rubber Foot/Neoprene and Leather Upper
ScentMaskâ„¢ Odor Elimination
900 Denier DWR
Camo Wrap EVA Mid Sole
Dual Density Heel Cushioning System
Anti Slip Rubber Sole Plate
Heat Zone Removable Insole System
Fleece Lined
3.5mm Full Sock Neoprene
100% Waterproof

M12 Milwaukee Heated Jacket $219

(Click here for special online price)

If you’ve ever cut your hunt short because you were too cold to stay on stand, the M12 Heated Jacket by Milwaukee may just be your answer to Mother Nature during those situations!  Originally conceived as a heated jacket for construction workers on the job site, the Realtree Xtra version of this jacket works exceptionally well for hunters that want to stay on stand for up to 6 hours with continuous heat on one charged battery.  The Jacket itself is water and wind resistant and has 3 sewn-in carbon fiber heating zones to distribute the heat to “core body areas”.  The battery compartment is a zippered pocket on the backside of the jacket.  A nice feature of jacket is the 3 Heat settings that can be controlled by a button in the upper chest area so you don’t need to mess around with the zippered battery compartment once you’re “plugged in”.  (see photo below)

The jacket comes with an M12 battery charger.  Simply pop the battery on the charger and it’s ready in 30 minutes.  This jacket can really crank out the heat and once you’ve tried this jacket in a cold weather hunting situation, it becomes as important as your weapon the next time you go afield.  The jacket runs a tad small for us (so you’ll probably want to order a size up if you’re layering!)  However, it is a high quality jacket that can be used by itself even without the heating features.  If you’re looking for an all purpose jacket that is built tough and allows you to control your core temperature when the weather gets cold, this is your choice hands down!

The Bowfile Bow case by Lakewood Products $280

When it comes to traveling with your archery equipment, the old adage “You get what you pay for” is certainly true. It’s certainly easier to spend a little more on a quality case to protect your archery investment. The Bowfile bow case combines the protection of a hard case with the versatility of a roomy soft case. The Bowfile secures your bow in a foam lined compartment while providing 2 other inside cases for your arrows and archery accessories. The outside of the case is sturdy enough for airline / vehicle travel and the drop-in design allows for better protection without the need to remove your quiver! The inner removable cases are made from the same quality materials as the overall bow case and the straps on this thing are an added bonus for carrying. We’ve found that the Bowfile design not only allows us to combine our archery accessories into one piece of luggage, but also gives us the protection that provides piece-of-mind on a hunting trip.
Check them out by clicking the logo below

Interior box is made of high-strength ABS
· Has an additional support bracket specifically for hard-handling in travel
· Compact, yet has excellent arrow storage
· Holds up to eighteen arrows in bottom compartment
· True drop in design, allows you to open the top and drop your bow in the case with the quiver on – filled with arrows!
· Made with foam lined heavy duty material that won’t scratch the inside of your SUV
· Made for the parallel limb style bows
· So sturdy you can stand on it
· Lakewood™ C215 and C255 cases (INCLUDED) fit snugly inside the Bowfile for more protection and versatility
· G275 Also available in Tall Sizes! – 1.5″ taller, for the Mathews Z7 Series
· Available for left or right-handed bows (please specify)
· Colors: Advantage APG, Black, Pink Camo
Models & Dimensions:
C275 Outside Dimensions: L:41″ x W:7″ x D:15″
C275 Bow Storage Dim: L:40.75″ x W:3.5″ x D:14.25″
C245 Outside Dimensions: L:45″ x W:7″ x D:15″
C245 Bow Storage Dim: L:44.75″ x W:3.5″ x D:14.25″

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