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Hardcore Hatchets by Hardcore Hammers
Friday, May 16th, 2014

Hardcore Hatchets by Hardcore Hammers

Anyone that spends a great deal of time in the Outdoors knows the value of a good hatchet.  Hardcore Hammers have pretty much perfected the Hatchet and made it into a make-shift hammer as well, combining two of the most commonly used camp tools into one.  We tried out both models offered by Hardcore Hammers (Hatchet and Minihawk) over the last month and we feel you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better for under $50!  Both the Hatchet and Minihawk are offered in Natural or Gunstock finish handles as well as curved or straight.  Each hatchet is handmade in the USA and that means that no two hatchets are alike.  These things can take abuse and have stood up to ours while laughing in our face!  They look cool and might possibly be the John Wayne of Hatchets!  Here’s a look at both models.

The Hardcore Hatchet: $45

The Hatchet (pictured above in the background) model looks more like the traditional head (19 oz.) on an 18″ American Hickory Handle. The back of the Hatchet head has a 6 sided blunt end that can be used for hammering.  One swing of this beast is enough to let you know that it’s a working man’s hatchet.  The fact that it looks badass is also a bonus! Several swings of this Hatchet gives you the feeling that it’s the only one you’ll ever buy.

The Hardcore Minihawk: $42

The Minihawk (pictured above in the foreground) harkens back to the movie “The Last of the Mohicans” with a narrower head (17 oz. 2.25″ blade) but still includes the chiseled hammer head on the back.  It too functions flawlessly and is our “go-to” piece of equipment for scouting and hanging stands.

The Sheaths:

Both the Hatchet and Minihawk has it’s own custom sheath (sold separately) and are both handmade by Saddle makers in Montana.  The Sheath is stamped with the Hardcore Hammer logo and fits each head perfectly!


There are three undeniable facts about these hatchets: 1) They are extremely durable and will most likely outlast you! 2) They function incredibly well with a feel and balance that easily becomes a part of your hand, and 3) The price is far below what you’d expect to pay for such a beautifully crafted tool. They both double as hammers which make this tool even more useful around the house and camp.  Whether you’re at camp this summer, hanging stands, or just splitting some wood for the fire, you can be assured that the Hardcore Hatchet and Minihawk will hold up to the task and look damn good doing it!

Hawaiian Noni Energy Shot
Friday, May 16th, 2014

Hawaiian Noni Energy Shot

Hawaiian Noni Energy Shot is yet another “Energy Boost” found in a small container that gives the consumer a “Shot” of energy to help them with the daily grind.  We were intrigued by this brand however because it claims to utilize the Hawaiian Noni fruit.  Although the Noni fruit looks like a giant larvae-type mass, its health benefits are well documented and range from pain relief and reducing cholesterol to antibacterial properties and antioxidants for protection against forms of cancer.  We decided to give the product a try and see if it would help us with the grind of our NY Turkey Season.  Here’s our take on the Hawaiian OLA Noni  energy shot.

First Impressions: Tropical Fruity taste with some tanginess.  This stuff tastes like what I would imagine blending about 10 tropical fruits together would taste like.  It has that “full” taste to it in that it feels like you’re drinking a bunch of stuff in a small amount (if that makes any sense!)  There is no “flush” feeling or excitability after drinking the shot, although I need to mention that I am a coffee drinker so the 150mg of caffeine wouldn’t affect me anyway.  Out of all the energy shots that I’ve tried over the years, the OLA noni energy shot is one that would be a quick “breakfast” alternative on those days that you’re rushing.  It tastes like a small fruity meal in a bottle!

Impact: As with most energy shots, there are many factors that come into play during the daily grind and the energy drains that accompany various situations.  Overall, we noticed no negative side-effects of using this product and we would characterize the energy gains as sustainable throughout our activity.  What you’re getting with this product is the energy boosting ability along with some medicinal benefits that can be incorporated into your daily diet.  In fact, think of Hawaiian OLA noni energy shots as a substitute for “juicing” without the need to clean out the blender!

Summary: Combine the slightly tart but still sweet taste of the Hawaiian OLA noni energy shot with the documented medicinal effects of the noni fruit and it’s hard to go wrong with this product.  There are plenty of negative viewpoints on energy drinks these days but the fact that this product is made with 75% blended juices is hard to criticize.    Give them a try at


Hell of A Hoodie!
Friday, May 16th, 2014

Hell of a Hoodie!

There’s the type of sweatshirt you wear when you run out to get milk and then there’s the type of hoodie you wear when you’re out in the elements for hours at a time.  You want the latter to keep you warm while standing up to the abuse that only you can dish out.  This review is going to take a look at 4 hooded sweatshirts from two companies that have earned the moniker “Hell of a Hoodie” because of their rugged never-say-die durability and unique features.  Carhartt and Arborwear are well known for making extremely durable apparel geared for work in the outdoors and these hooded sweatshirts are the “LeBron James” of the sweatshirt world.  Enjoy!


Men’s 3-Season Midweight Sweatshirt $60

Constructed in a 10.5-ounce, 50% cotton/50% polyester blend, it features Rain Defender™ durable water-repellent technology. This hoodie is quilt-lined – including the attached hood with draw-cord closure. An inside cell phone pocket and spandex reinforced rib-knit cuffs / waistband are welcome features in this sweatshirt.  This hoodie is also “water-repellant” in that it can withstand the occasional downpour but not a complete soaking.  We wore this sweatshirt ice fishing and it held up to a 20 minute rain shower without turning into a sponge.  It kept us warm and dry.

•10.5-ounce, 50% cotton/50% polyester blend

•Rain Defender™ durable water-repellent technology

•Quilt lined

•Inside cell-phone pocket

•Relaxed fit

Men’s Brushed-Fleece Sweatshirt/Sherpa-Lined $72

This Sherpa lined hoodie has a “media port and loop” that allows you to string earphones from the pocket to your ears without them hanging out in the open.  It’s a nice feature on this ultra-warm sweatshirt.  This hoodie won’t keep you dry in a downpour but if you like thick, heavy fleece around your shoulders and neck when it’s cold, you’ll love this sweatshirt.

•10.5-ounce, 50% cotton/50% polyester blend (Slate Heather: 55% cotton/45% polyester)

•Brushed fleece for softness

•Sherpa lined

•Relaxed fit

Midweight Realtree Xtra® Camo Hooded Zip-Front Sweatshirt $60

This hoodie is truly a “midweight” design in that it is not ultra-warm but is definitely rugged.   Where this hoodie excelled was as a mid-layer for us.  It works perfectly in that it is not too bulky but provides enough warmth between your base layer and outer jacket.  The hood also serves to block the wind from getting to the back of your neck on those cold mornings in the deer woods.  We were very impressed with the durability of this hoodie.  It’s like the “Stretch Armstrong” of Hooded sweatshirts (pardon the wrestling toy reference from my 80’s childhood but it seemed fitting.  That toy was unbreakable!)

•10.5-ounce, 50% cotton/50% polyester blend, midweight

•Front hand-warmer pockets

•Attached hood

•Realtree Xtra(R) camo pattern fabric


We’ve sang the praises of this hooded sweatshirt for 3 years now and it continues to impress us.  This hoodie really shines after it has been broken in and washed a few times.  Imagine your favorite hooded sweatshirt.  The one that has been washed a thousand times and makes you feel like Rocky Balboa when you put it on.  Now double that in warmth and thickness and you’ve got a sense of the Double Thick hoodie from ArborWear.  ArborWear does offer a single-thick version of this sweatshirt but there’s really no need to offer more of a variety when these two sweatshirts can handle just about anything.  Give the Double Thick sweatshirt a look today at www.arborwear.com  You’re welcome!

Double thick Hoodie $89.95

*2-12 oz. Layers of Pre-washed, 100% Cotton Fleece

° Oversized Hood

° Gusseted Arms

° Snap Collar

° Vertical, Recessed Handwarmer Pouch

° Garment Washed


All of the hardware on these Hoodies  are top notch!  They are durable and function without error each and every time.  All of these hoodies are rugged and can outlast you on any given day.  We wore these hoodies in just about every situation that we could over the last 3 months and they all performed extremely well.  Although each has its own “claim to fame” so to speak, they all deserve the moniker of “Hell of a Hoodie” because of their rugged durability and pumped up features.  Any one of these hoodies will outlast whatever you have in your closet right now.  In fact, they would probably jump off the top rope and put it in a headlock!  Get yourself one of these today!

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