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Zeal Optics 2014
Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Zeal Optics

Pictured from Left to Right (Tracker, Rival Team Edition, Ace,and Riviera)

Zeal Optics is emerging as a brand that makes Environmentaly conscious sunglasses that are built for hardcore outdoor activity.  Couple those attributes with the fact that Zeal offers a variety of styles and color options for both frames and lenses and you have a brand that is turning heads and growing because of it.   Here are a few styles that we have had the pleasure of testing this Spring.  You can check these styles (and all the other styles) by clicking on each picture or by visiting  WWW.ZEALOPTICS.COM


The Tracker is made specifically for Outdoor activities.  The Proflex rubber frame in addition to anti-glare polarized lenses will keep up with your fast paced running and gunning all day long.  These shades were spectacular on the water this summer.  The clarity of the lenses are top notch for ripping lips!


» Polarized

» e-llume Lens

» Z-Resin plant-based frame

» ProFlex non-slip accents

» Digital Rx +3.00 TO -3.50


A performance based pair of sunglasses designed for the athlete, these glasses are perfect for fast paced activities but will still look cool when you’re chilling on the boat this summer!  The venting airflow, clarity and stability of these performance based glasses make them worth the price tag.  The adjustable nose piece on these glasses provide for a perfect, non-slip fit and the wrap-around lens gives you total eye protection.  Honestly, these glasses are better than the “other” competitor’s  version that have similar, but lesser characteristics (in our opinion) and I think we all know who we’re talking about here!


» e-llume Lens

» Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Lens Coatings

» Z-Resin Frame

» Interchangeable Lens System

» Adjustable Bridge & Temple

Ace: $169

ACE is produced from 100% US-grown cotton. This US cotton is shipped to Italy and that’s where the magic happens to create this wayfarer-style pair of sunglasses.  The “cotton” frame combined with Zeal’s plant-based e-llume lens make the ACE the “greenest” pair of sunglasses made to date.  The cotton-based frames are slip resistant with a coating that resembles the characteristics of thin rubber.  The hinges are beefy and rugged enough to handle our outdoor lifestyle.  An all-around great pair of glasses with a look that never goes out of style!


» 100% Cotton Frame

» Biodegradable

» Italian Made

» Unisex

» Polarized

» e-llume Lens

» Digital Rx +3.00 TO -4.50


The Riviera is made with a beefy Stainless steel frame and has the traditional nose pads of other aviator style glasses.  These glasses will make you feel like you’re on the set of the HBO series “Entourage” while still giving you the fit and performance that you’d need in the outdoors.  A classic style made with a plant based lens make these glasses hard to beat.


» Stainless Steel Frame

» Eco-Acetate

» Made In Japan

» Unisex

» Polarized

» e-llume Lens

» Digital Rx +3.00 TO -4.00

Grub Boots
Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Grub Boots – Stalking 5.0 APG $136.95

With the price of a good quality pair of waterproof boots approaching that of the latest Iphone these days, the decision on brand and style is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Enter Grubs Footwear!  Grubs Footwear is quickly attracting the attention of avid outdoorsman because of their array of light and moisture wicking insulation options, all in a 100% waterproof and flexible boot that is not going to breakdown with the wear and tear of your hunts.  There are several high-end waterproof boot options available on the market, but the level of traction and comfort had us convinced that Grubs is the new standard for our boot needs.  Here’s a look at the Grubs Stalking 5.0 boot in APG Realtree camo.

The 5.0 stands for Grubs  5.0 TECHNOLOGY™  in which the boots are lined with moisture wicking terry knit, which keeps the wearer dry and has a super stretch to fit most calves. Grubs Footwear have various levels of thickness of insulation, lining and moisture wicking barriers ranging from their 3.5 technology boots all the way up to 12.0 technology boots.  The numbers are essentially the combined measurement of how thick the insulation, lining and barriers are in each boot.  The various levels of thickness for Grubs technology can be seen by clicking the photo below:

The 5.0 technology of the boot we tested has a 5mm INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ liner which is a temperature neutral material that keeps feet comfortable in most conditions for a prolonged period.  These boots are basically the “Go to” boot for most of the year’s hunting situations.  They have enough insulation to keep you comfortable in the cold temps of the Whitetail woods, while wicking enough moisture for a run-and-gun Turkey hunt in the spring.  A great all-around boot that has the top spot as being the most comfortable boot we’ve worn in quite some time.

We wore these boots in a range of temperatures and conditions and we can truthfully say that our feet were never cold, always dry and consistently comfortable.  The best way we can describe these boots is as if your most comfortable pair of sneakers was somehow turned into a waterproof, flexible boot!  We’ve logged many miles while testing the Grub 5.0 Stalking boots and they are still as comfortable as the day we received them.  They’ve held up to the brush and briars that we’ve subjected them too and are still 100% waterproof.

If all of the above is not enough to change your mind, here’s another attempt to prove how well we like these boots.  Before testing these boots, we were die-hard LaCrosse footwear fans.  Sure we’ve tested other boots before but always kept coming back to the tried and true rubber boot of LaCrosse.  The same cannot be said after trying the Grubs 5.0 Stalking boot!  These boots give us more comfort, the same degree of waterproofing and the ability to wick moisture from our feet that rubber boots simply do not have.  They also do not breakdown over time like the rubber boot variety.  Grubs Footwear just added some new fans from the guys at Heritage Hunters.

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