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XL Aluminum Folding Arch Ramp by Yutrax
Sunday, May 24th, 2015

XL Aluminum Folding Arch Ramp by Yutrax


Over the years, we’ve used a variety of ramps to transport our ATV’s to and from our hunting grounds and ice fishing locations. We started with ramp kits and wooden planks but quickly learned that cracks, weathering and other variables led to possible mishaps during the loading / unloading process. The wooden planks were also a pain to transport in our short bed. We moved on to portable steel ramps that folded for easy transport but discovered that not all brands of ramps are created equal. Shotty welds, slippery surfaces and weak rivets led to more problems with the integrity of the ramps and unnecessary scratches on our vehicles. Our lesson in all of this was that being frugal does not translate well to ATV ramps! We decided to try out one of the best-selling models of ATV ramps on the market, the TX107 aluminum folding arch ramp by Yutrax.
The TX107 is built with fully-welded construction for optimum durability and is perfect for use on short bed trucks. After months of testing, here is our take on the TX107 ramps by Yutrax.

•12″ x 89″ single ramp open
•12″ x 44.5″ single ramp folded
Construction: Welded aluminum
•750 lbs single ramp
•1500 lbs pair
Weight: 38 lbs as a pair

First Impressions:

The TX107 ramps are lightweight and made from fully welded aluminum. The side rails are beefier than most of the other ramps we’ve tried and the mesh surface allows for better gripping of our tires and peace of mind in snowy or wet weather. The rubber coated tabs are thicker than other ramps and there are three of them instead of two for better stability and protection on the tailgate.
How the ramps performed:

These ramps are light and can be moved around with ease.  They are also super strong and you won’t have to worry about your ATV or transport vehicle when using them.   We used these ramps in a variety of situations and conditions from ice fishing to muddy scouting trips and the ramps performed flawlessly each time.  There was no slipping, shifting or buckling while in use.  We simply cannot say enough good things about these ramps.

Overall Conclusion:

If you want to protect your ATV and vehicle while loading and unloading, you will want to check out these ramps.  There are cheaper ramps out there on the market but take it from us, you don’t want to risk using them.  Spend a few more bucks and go with the fully welded aluminum from Yutrax.  You’ll be glad you did!




The 11’ Wellington Crazy Horse Boot – Wood N’ Stream Outdoor Footwear
Sunday, May 24th, 2015

The 11’ Wellington Crazy Horse Boot – Wood N’ Stream Outdoor Footwear


The 11’ Wellington Crazy Horse Boot is one of the selections in the American Tradition line from Wood N’ Stream Outdoor Footwear. Wood N’ Stream is a Weinbrenner Company and they make many of their footwear products in the United States. As you may have read in any of our many reviews in the past several years, we’re huge supporters of these types of companies. They are doing their part to support American working families and therefore, our economy! The Wood N’ Stream division of Weinbrenner specializes in the outdoor footwear market and offers 16 lines of products that would appeal to any outdoor enthusiast. We really like the offerings in the American Tradition and American Heritage lines and will hopefully get the opportunity to showcase more of these products in the future.

First Impressions: The 11’ Wellington Crazy Horse is extremely well constructed from Goodyear Welt and are made from top quality materials. The insole is removable Dual-Density Polyurethane with a midsole of rubber and outsole of single-density polyurethane. The outside of the boot is protected with 3M™ Scotchgard™
Wear & Tear vs. Comfort: These boots can take a beating for sure but we were curious as to how long the comfort would last. Although we’ve only had these boots for a few months, the miles we’ve pot on them seem to indicate that the comfort level is holding strong. They still seem as comfortable for long periods of activity as when they were new, in fact more so now that they are “broken in”.
Overall Impressions: There are three aspects of the 11’ Wellington Crazy Horse boots that really impressed us. The boots are built extremely well, they are comfortable and seem to retain that comfort level after repeated use, and they are made in America! These aspects are more than enough to support the $150 price tag, which happens to be right in line, if not a bit cheaper, than other boots that are not as impressive. In fact, you can find these boots at your local

Bass Pro Shops 


Wood N’ Stream has plenty to offer the work-hard / play-hard Sportsman. The boots are made with the best materials available and have a comfort level that lasts. Check out the Wood N’ Stream line-up by clicking the photo below!


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