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Deer Gear 2016
Friday, April 21st, 2017

We’re back again with a look at some of the latest products to help you in your pursuit of Ol’ Mossyhorns!  Check out some of the gear that we tested in 2016

Swhacker Broadheads: 


We’ve used Swhacker Broadheads for a few years now and our results have been stellar. The 2 blade 100 grain head not only flies perfectly out of our setups, the 2 inch cut creates a wound channel that is deadly. These heads are super durable and can be used over and over with the replacement blades (link: https://www.swhacker.com/products/100grain-2inch-replace-6pack) The main reason we love the Swhacker Broadheads is because they provide some peace of mind when human error comes into play. Yes they fly great, but as the saying goes “It’s the indian, not the arrow!” It is an undeniable fact that we sometimes make a less than perfect shot even when conditions are optimal. These 2 inch cutting heads create the type of damage that allows us to recover the animal during these situations. When we do succeed in making the perfect shot however, the animal usually goes down within sight. Our experience with these heads has been very favorable and we stand behind the Swhacker product line 100%

ArborWear Double Thick Tech Mossy Oak Hoodie: 


We’ve gushed over the ArborWear double thick pullover hoodies for years and assumed that this “Tech” came version would be just as good, if not better. We’re pleased to announce that ArborWear has indeed outdone themselves yet again and created a better version of this staple of our gear bag. The “Tech” performance fabric allows moisture to escape the garment while providing some water repellancy by virtue of the Teflon Fabric Protector. The overall hoodie is lighter than it’s cotton predecessor while the larger Snap Neck hood opening provides freedom of movement in a tree stand situation. Most times, I wore this hoodie as the outermost layer and it was perfect for both bowhunting and gun seasons. Ever since Arborwear came out with the double thick hoodie, we always thought they should make a camouflage version. They delivered with the Tech Hoodie in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and knocked it out of the park!
Mathews Halon:   Click on photo below for full view


In 2016, Mathews introduced 3 versions of its flagship bow called the Halon.
The Halon comes in three models determined by brace height:
Halon 5 This bow has a very short 5″ brace height and is the fastest, with a rated IBO of 353 fps.
Halon 6 This bow has a 6” brace height with a rated IBO of 345 fps.
Halon 7 Uses a 7” brace height and is the most forgiving. IBO is 335 fps.

Overview: We reviewed the 7 inch version with a draw weight of 70 pounds and draw length of 29 inches. The speed produced out of this bow is a consistent 320 fps which I am happy with. I shoot a one pin sight and this bow allows me to shoot out to 30 yards with zero windage adjustment.
The bow is heavier than most other bows on the market but I viewed that as an acceptable trade-off and considered it as adding to the vibration dampening and steady hold that I got when shooting. This bow is super quiet off the rack and is very noticeable when shooting it against other top shelf branded bows in the pro shop.
The fit and finish is probably the best on the market as Mathews is no stranger to producing beautiful looking bows.
How’s it shoot?: Mathews departed from the No Cam design of 2015 and went to a more aggressive Crosscentric design for the Halon. I was super impressed with how smooth the draw cycle is on the Halon. The back wall is of course rock solid with zero creep. In my humble opinion, it seems like the Halon is a blend between last year’s No Cam and their speedy Monster line. If you could take a speed bow and beef up the durability, while at the same time make it smooth and forgiving, you’d have the Halon. Simply put, the Halon is the best shooting bow I’ve ever owned and will be hard pressed to move to another bow anytime soon.
Upwind Scent Elimination:  Click on photo below for full view

The Upwind product line has grown over the last few years into an all around scent elimination system that has become part of our seasonal regimine. Upwind products work on the CuO.R.E concealment formula using charged Copper as it’s backbone. This scientifically proven method of using charged copper to combat odors while making it non-toxic and odorless is the basis of why we use the product. Being a science teacher for over 21 years, I like to think that I can recognize “junk science” when I see it. After examining the science behind the Upwind products and trying them out on everything from skunk odors and gasoline to actual hunting experience in the deer woods, I am impressed with the evidence. Upwind not only works to eliminate a broad range of odors, they offer a full range of products at competitive prices. There is a reason why this company is growing!

Check them out here:  https://huntupwind.com

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