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Review of Gum-O-Flage Alert



Most hunters are concerned about the amount of scent they are giving off as they enter their hunting area and remain on stand for a period of time.  Most are also aware that a significant amount of odor leaves your mouth.  The Gum-O-Flage Alert product from Hunting Science has attempted to tackle one of the sources of human scent in this situation…..your breath odor!  In fact, the makers of Gum-O-Flage Alert claims that 80% of all human odors come from the mouth.   Being a Science Teacher, I was interested in the anti-microbial properties of this product along with the common “how’s it taste” question.  I’ll answer both with our thoughts on this product thrown in for good measure.


The Science behind Gum-O-Flage Alert:
Cute name, but how does it work?  Here’s how:
All of the gum produced by Hunting Science is a combination of all natural / sugar-free ingredients that are designed to serve two purposes in the field.  1. Blend in with the natural scent of your hunting area (ex. Apple, Alfalfa, Pine flavors offered) and 2. Continuously neutralize the bacteria in your mouth via the natural oils in the gum (ex. Oils from the rind of apples, pine oils, parsley oils, etc.) so the “Human” element is eliminated from your breath.   Remember wondering what those strips of parsley were for on your plate when you were a kid?  Now we realize that the purpose of those are to “cleanse” the pallet.  Hunting Science brought this idea to gum, where a consistent chewing would keep the bacteria at bay instead of giving it a chance to “re-grow”. An added feature to this gum is the ingredient “chlorophyll” which attempts to make you smell more like a “plant eater” instead of the predators that we are. 
The Taste of Gum-O-Flage:
I’ve got to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this stuff.  It’s got a Green Apple flavor that is sweeter than expected.  We thought the taste remained in the gum for about as long as any piece of regular gum.  This gum gets above average marks on taste with a mark of “average” on lasting flavor. 


Consistency Over Time of Gum-O-Flage Alert:
One thing we noticed with this gum is that if you’re not chomping on it quite regularly while on stand, it tends to liquefy slightly and break up into smaller pieces in your mouth.  I don’t know if  it’s the molecular break down of the gum or something else, but I would say the gum has a life span of about 1 hour without constant chewing.  After that, pop in another piece or spit it out entirely.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  As per the science of this product, you want to keep constantly chomping and mixing those natural oils to neutralize the bacteria in the mouth. 


What’s up with the “Alert” in Gum-O-Flage Alert?: 
Not only does this product attempt to eliminate your breath odor, it also attempts to give you that extra boost of concentration and energy with 10mg of Caffeine, or about an eight ounce cup of coffee.  Now I’m a coffee drinker so I didn’t notice a “jolt” of energy from this gum.  However Dan, who doesn’t drink coffee at all, seemed to love the stuff and always seemed to be chomping on a piece or two on the way to our afternoon stands. 


Overall Opinion of Gum-O-Flage Alert:  Although we could only realistically do the “Does my breath smell?” test, which by the way was a little scary at first, this product falls into the “confidence” category for us.  By that we mean that whenever a product gives you more “confidence” about your hunt, your scent free-ness (as we like to call it), and your overall aura in the woods, we’re all for it.  This is one of those products.  The science behind it is sound, it tastes good and it won’t cost you a fortune to give it a try.   It’s only one piece of the puzzle of course so don’t forget about your complete scent routine.


Our Marks on Gum-O-Flage Alert:

Concept: 5 out of 5: Since your breath is a significant source of odor, this product attempts to tackle that source with sound scientific principles. 


Taste: 4 out of 5: Gum-O-Flage tastes pretty good and comes in a variety of other flavors (like Alfalfa Honey). 


Overall Value: 4 out of 5: Although more than a regular pack of gum, the $5.00 price tag gives you 20 odor eliminating pieces.  You can’t say that for a pack of regular gum.


For more information on Gum-O-Flage Alert and to check out other products from Hunting Science visit www.huntingscience.com


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