Numa Optics In Iraq

As most of you know, we here at Heritage Hunters are big fans of Numa Optics Sunglasses because of the style and protection that they offer.  But don’t take our word for it, take the word of our Servicemen in Iraq.  Here’s a look at some of the emails that Numa has been receiving from our brave men and women overseas.

Email #1: Dear Numa,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones in perfect health!!!

I don’t know how the pictures came out on your email, but the one that has the guys with guns walking one of our wounded are my teammates. The red liquid that looks like Coolaid on the floor is actually blood from the 135+ dead.


I am thankful that I was wearing my Point Ballistic Numas at the time. The debris came from all over the place, no matter where one was standing. It was horrible. My hearing is somewhat gone, my insides still hurt – but my eyes are intact, and that is a good day for me.

After talking to some of my friends, they mentioned that the shades they were wearing did not do the job at staying on their face, or taking the hit from various objects before breaking. My shades stayed on my face even when I was thrown a few feet back, and the lenses only took some mean scratches but did not break… WOW!!!!!  
As a result, three of my teammates asked me to get them the same shades I have with black, clear, and amber lenses.

I thought you might want to hear about this little incident, and take all the credit that you deserve for the great product you represent. As long as I live, I will tell this story to my family and the guys at work. Thank you Jake for saving my eyes!!!!

note: I’m starting to see more and more of your product around here. That makes me very happy…

You can Google “MOFA Bombing in Baghdad” there are several articles about the incident. When you Google it, click images so that you can see some crazy pictures.

Jake, you can rest assured that your product took a very hard, real life, test, and they passed!!!!!    You can now call them anti-terrorist bombing shades… hahaha 

As I told you before, people don’t realize what they have until either that something or somebody is lost, or until you put yourself and your gear through the extreme. Jake, I have to say I am down to 8 lives now and walked away from this terrorist attack with my shades on my face.

Email #2: To: Numa Product Development Team
I use my Numa Sport Optics Ballistic Series sunglasses in Iraq, one of the harshest environments on earth. From the moment I started using them I noticed the lenses maximized clarity in any light condition. I like that the ballistic lenses not only offer performance but impact protection as well. Due to the engineering of the frames the glasses fit tightly to my face which is required in a country where at a moments notice the air can fill with sand. Nothing can ruin your day like eyes full of irritating sand. Thanks for a great product.
Triple Canopy

Email #3: Dear Numa,  My name is C.D. and I currently work as a sniper for Triple Canopy in Baghdad. In my 4 years in Iraq I have worn many different brands of sunglasses and I have been wearing these sunglasses for a few weeks now. I can honestly say they are one of the best I have worn here.
In this environment and in the job I perform I need 3 things from my sunglasses:  good optics, good fit, and something that holds up in a gritty sandy environment. I was impressed by the fact that even though they fit snuggly on my face, the lenses don’t get streaked with sweat and they don’t fog up. They are tough as well, I have dropped them a few times and the lenses didn’t scratch. I will wear these till they wear out and I need to buy a new pair.


“Point” Ballistic Series Sunglasses from Numa Optics

Email #4: Dear Numa, Your Numa X-Frames are much better than the Oakley products floating around here.  Furthermore, I own a pair of Serengeti sun glasses and your polarized lenses are on par with theirs. If you could see what you sun glasses have endured. I left them on top of my Humvee that was traveling 40mph. My buddy saw them fly off my vehicle, stopped and picked them up. Only cosmetic damage to the frames.  The lenses are still great. 
Sgt. C.F.
The United States Marine Corps
Al Anbar, Iraq

Email #5: Dear Numa, My name is Staff Sergeant R. B.  and I am a infantry squad leader with the Army’s 10th Mountain Division.  I have used your glasses for the last months and I could not be happier with their performance.  They provide great eye protection without being overly large or bulky. My unit is set to deploy in the next couple months and I plan on wearing your glasses in Afghanistan. 

All of us here at Heritage Hunters would like to wish our Servicemen and Women Happy Holiday wishes and safety in all areas of deployment.  We thank you for your service and pray for your safe return home.  God Bless!

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