Swhacker Broadheads

Review of Swhacker Broadheads


Dan and I have been using mechanical broadheads for several years now and have had success with them.  This review is not a debate on mechanical vs. fixed heads, but rather to provide some information about the Swhacker Broadhead itself and our subsequent experience with them.  If you’d like to create a post on the mechanical vs. fixed debate, feel free to do that in our forum. 

The Swhacker Broadhead is a mechanical head with 2 stainless steel blades and a chisel tipped ferrule point.  The blades are held closed by a piece of rubber or shrink tubing and upon entry, provide a 1 ¾ inch cutting diameter for 100 grain and 2 ¼ inch cutting diameter for 125 grain.

Until testing the Swhacker brand heads, I was a tad skeptical of 2 blade designs.  I had always thought 3 blades are better than 2 for more cutting surface when passing through tissue.  Our results however, have given us a better appreciation for this 2 blade design.

One thing the Swhacker did have that seemed to be a constant in all of our favorite broadhead designs was the chisel tipped, cut-on-contact point.  The chiseled angles are tight and slightly recessed resulting in an extremely efficient entry into the animal.  All of this minimizes any sort of deflection since the tip enters so quickly and efficiently that by the time the main blades start to open, the head is ½ to ¾ of the way into the animal. The blades are a thick .032 inches which allow them to hold up under contact with solid material in the animal.

The Swhacker is rugged, simple and efficient.  The blood trails we encountered with these heads were as if the Kool-Aid man was stumbling through the woods, spewing all manner of red liquid from his cranial orifice (always wanted to use that phrase and it seemed quite appropriate with these heads)

Two Disclaimers should be mentioned when discussing broadheads.  One lends itself to mechanicals specifically and the other is in reference to ANY broadhead on the market. 

Disclaimer #1:  It is our opinion that mechanicals work best when used with archery equipment capable of generating maximum kinetic energy for the set-up.  Both of us shoot around 70 pound / 29 inch draws and this past season, my arrow speed was in excess of 300fps.   We’re not saying that mechanicals do not work with lower KE setups, but we do think you’ll experience fewer problems with an arrow that generates greater KE.

Disclaimer #2:  Broadhead results are always relative to the particular situation and we’ve been bowhunting long enough to realize that the worst broadhead will do the job if placed correctly in the animal.  Likewise, the best broadhead may not yield the desired results depending on the situation.  The bottom line is that it’s rarely the broadhead that is the culprit in a less than typical recovery.  We’ve heard all the “It didn’t open” stories.  Sometimes it’s the hunter and sometimes weird stuff happens.  It is truly up to you to determine the proper broadhead for your set-up, your shooting ability and to choose the correct shot angles accordingly.  With all that being said, two or three awesome blood trails do not make a very scientific conclusion on these heads.  However, the fact that those trails were so spectacular will cause us to continue testing these heads in 2010.

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