Deer Gear – Fall 2010 Preview

2010 Deer Gear Preview

Every hunting season, a myriad of products become available to help make your season more productive.  Though most of the products can be viewed as non-essential, many of them make your hunt more enjoyable and if they work well……they become essential for you!

Below are several products that are available for the 2010 Deer Season.  We will thoroughly test these products this fall and be providing our two cents on them in our FORUM.  For now, take a look at the specs, features and images that may or may not, make this season more productive for you……or at least a little more fun!  For more information and/or to purchase any of these products, Click on the Price.

Cougar Claw Treestands: Cougar Cub Prowler Climbing Stand: $269.99

We’ve used a bunch of different climbers over the years and this one has 3 features that are essential to us (Lightweight, quality construction and folds flat for transport)  We’re pumped to give this stand a thorough testing this season so tune in to FieldTrips  to see what we think.  Here’s the rundown on these stands:

· 100% aircraft grade aluminum all-welded construction
· Super tough finish
· New easy to adjust back-packing straps
· T.M.A. certified full-body safety harness
· 16 adjustment holes creating the perfect angle
· Fully-coated multi-strand climbing cable with square block cable ends (allowing easy alignment every time with no hassle)
· Coated cable pins attached to avoid loss
· Snap lock seat buckles (no “threaded” buckles)
· Large, dense foam seats
· Unconditional five year guarantee on defective parts and labor

**Always remember to wear a safety harness!!**

Alps Outdoorz: Little Bear with Camera Pocket and Big Bear packs
Little Bear with Camera Pocket: $59.99

This pack has it all.  A big enough compartment in the rear for hunting gear and a sweet little camera case in the front to snap photos of your hunting heritage!  Padded Sturdy Harnesses and waist belt make this a quality pack that will keep your gear safe, organized and at your fingertips.

Big Bear Pack: $59.99

This is two packs in one for a great price. Easily convertible from fanny pack to day pack, this pack has a whopping 2700 inches of cubic space without giving the appearance of a big bulky pack.  Hey, we all know that sometimes you need the extra space and sometimes you don’t.  You get the best of both worlds with this pack.  The Big Bear also sports the same comfortable padded harnesses and waist belt as the Little Bear. 

Gerbing Vest: $149 

With the ability to add an insulation factor of 250% without adding extra bulk, we’re real excited to see how this vest will work on those cold November mornings in the treestand.  Neither the battery pack, nor the Nanowire heating system noticeably bulky so the possibility of less layers is enticing.  Is this vest the item that allows us to stay on stand and out on the ice longer in freezing temps?  We’ll let you know this season in our forum

Big Game: EZ-ON Safety Vest $59.99

The name says it all with this vest.  The outer material seems like it has some water repellancy and the belt-buckle style leg straps make this vest a breeze to put on and take off.  With large pockets and hooks for your optics, there’s no excuse to not wear this vest this fall.  Best of all, it’s the most affordable vest we’ve found with all the features of the higher priced competitors! 

First Lite Wool 

This company has Merino wool down to a science. Since wool is warm, water-repellent, odor-resistant, flame-retardant, durable, and anti-static, it’s no wonder why First Lite chose this material to specialize in.  First Lite garments are unique.  Starting out with base layer offerings last year, First Lite if now offering some mid-layer choices that look outstanding and are made of heavier merino wool.  What’s more, they offer their garments in new Mossy Oak, Realtree and ASAT patterns as well.  We’ll be letting you know how these products fair in the NY climate this season.

Llano: $80

The Llano is the ultimate longsleeve baselayer.  Designed to worn next to your skin, the fine merino wool is not at all scratchy.  With thumbholes on the lower cuffs, this shirt is rugged and can be worn in all temps. 

Labrador Sweater: $160

A full zip sweater (also with the thumbholes), this offering represents a mid-layer perfect for late season or an outer layer for early season.  Breathable and soft, the Labrador is thicker than the Llano for that added warmth.

Springer Vest: $120

Added warmth with minimal bulk perfectly characterizes this unique vest.  It’s soft and has 3 pockets with zippers.  A great combination with the Llano for early season or those sacred tracking maneuvers!

Havalon Piranta Knife  $35

This knife is super sharp!  It comes with 12 replaceable surgically sharp blades and a blaze orange handle so you won’t lose it on the forest floor.  Weighing in at less than 3 ounces and sporting a clip on the handle, this little knife can do it all and then some.

Dead Down Wind Camo Wheel  $6.99

One look at our FieldTrips videos and you’ll quickly find out that we’re face paint guys, rather than head-net guys.  We needed a camo face paint that goes on easy, comes off easy, is odorless and compact.  No more tubes of paint rattling around the floor in the cab of our trucks.  The Camo Wheel from Dead Down Wind has the right configuration of we’ve been looking for in face paint.

Nitehawk Press  $99.99

Revamped for 2010, this updated bow press is easy to use and extremely portable.   The Nitehawk presses the bow from the tips of the limbs to ensure an equal distribution of force down the entire limb and allows easy access to all parts of the bow while being pressed.  The Nitehawk Press continues to be our favorite bow press to date!

Hunting Pro Watch $240

Short of telling you where the Deer are, this watch pretty much does it all. 
Here are some of it’s features:

-Best Hunting Time: Reveals the Best Time of day for hunting, the Next Best hunting time, and Projected hunting time in the upcoming days. Set the Best Hunting Time Alarm to remind you.
-Ballistics Memory: Input and display the ballistic data of up to three firearms.
-Altimeter: Up to 1m resolution with Base Elevation feature for quick altitude calibration and graph display. An Altimeter Lock avoids change of altitude due to weather changes.
-Barometer: Up to 1m bar resolution with Trend Graph display.
-Soft Red EL backlight.
-Rugged mineral crystal lens.
-One-Touch Direct Access:
Displays the Digital Compass/Barometer/Altimeter.

StormKloth II and StormKloth Original  (SKII fleece: $89.99 and SKII Original: $69.99)

Our favorite outerwear to date, StormKloth is now offered in two styles.  The SKII is a heavier water repellant fleece for those colder days on stand, and the StormKloth Original, which is the slimmed down version of the SKII.  Whichever style you choose, you’re sure to stay dry and warm with this breathable material.  All garments are well thought out to provide comfort and ease of access to pockets. 

Midland XTC Extreme Action Camera  $99.99

Easily the best “Action Camera” we’ve tested to date!  Surprisingly good quality and super easy to dump into your computer, this camera has “winner” written all over it.  We  even rigged up one of the attachments to clamp onto the bill of our hats for those POV shots we’ve been missing.

· Easy to Use – Single Slide Switch
· Includes 4 mounts – Helmet, Helmet Strap, Handlebar and Goggle
· 640 x 480 Standard Definition @30FPS
· Uses Micro SD Card
· 140˚ Wide Angle Lens
· Uses 2 AAA Batteries
· 4:3 Aspect Ratio
· Battery Life Indicator
· Low Memory Indicator
· USB 2.0 File Transfer

*check out some of the XTC100’s footage on our latest Bass Fishing FieldTrips episode on our homepage!

Irish Setter:
Exoflex Rubber Boots $155

These boots have the potential to be the best we’ve ever tried.  Old habits die hard and we’re used to wearing rubber boots during bow season.  The Exoflex fit system just above the heal allows you to slip your foot in and get that ankle tight fit without having to struggle getting them off.  The traction on these babies get an A+ but we’ll have to see how they hold up during hard use this season.

Deer Camp Jacket  $129

A true throwback to the red plaid days of old, this jacket screams of our heritage.  Thick, warm and ultra durable, the Deer Camp jacket even has an internal cell phone pocket so you look the part but still be high tech in the deer woods!

Camo Nekoma Jacket  $95

With pockets in all the right places, this microfleece jacket is perfect for early bow season.  The Realtree AP looks sharp and stretch material under the arms and around the back won’t hinder your shot on that bruiser!

ArrowMat:   $15.95

Make your archery practice even more fun with ArrowMats!  Offered in 9 different patterns (2 games, 3 animals, and 3 target patterns), these 13oz. pieces of self healing foam resemble giant mouse pads that you stick on any existing target or backstop.  Our favorite is the Dart Board, but stock up in Victory arrows before playing!

Cargobuckle UP Deer Hoist:  $59.95

This gambrel easily elevates a deer for field dressing or loading onto an ATV, UTV or truck.  The CargoBuckle UP features a 1,900 lb. breaking strength, and it is the only retractable and ratcheting gambrel on the market. The versatile system is designed to be used outdoors with zinc-plated metal parts that resist corrosion. Exposed springs are stainless steel, and the web is durable polyester.  We can’t wait to try this out soon!

Nockturnal Lighted Nocks by Double Take Archery: GT series (Red & Green)
$24.99 for a 3 Pack

We’re still testing these nocks at the time of this review, but at $8.33 a piece, it’s hard to ignore them.  So far, so good though.  They’re bright, easy to turn off and work at every shot…….so far.  Here’s a video of them in action

ArborWear: Their Advertisement reads: “Our Clothes are so tough – They don’t just hang in the closet, they do chin-ups until you are ready to wear them” 
We tried out 3 products from ArborWear and that statement is spot on!  You want rugged clothing for your hunts, go to ArborWear!
Designed primarily for people who work hard and play hard in the outdoors, these garments are perfect for those who want a rugged mid layer under their camo.
Double Thick Hooded Sweatshirt:  $79.95

This is the King Kong of sweatshirts!  Like the name describes, this Hoody is double the thickness of your average sweatshirt with 24 ounces of cotton fleece.  Sized right, this sweatshirt is really all you need on those cold days on stand.  Now if we can only convince them to make these in camo!
Timber Chamois:  $49.95

Another winner in their line of products, this Chamois shirt is thick and tough but soft as if it had already been washed several times.  Would be perfect sandwiched in between a First Lite base layer and StormKloth II Jacket.
Trax Belt: $24.95

The 1.5 inch nylon webbing gives this belt its strength and appeal.  Capped off with 2 super heavy duty metal D rings, this belt stays put with no slipping.

LLBean: Technical Upland Boots: $179

These boots are comfortable, breathable and have Gore-Tex waterproof protection.  The upper panels are constructed of something that LLBean calls “Superfabric” and is supposed to be puncture proof and cut resistant.  We’ll be the judge of that this season!
Probably the coolest feature on these boots is the “Boa” lacing system that can be slipped on/off with ease.  They are the easiest boots to put on or take off I’ve ever used. We just have to wait and see if this unique lacing system holds up with repeated use.

Buck Knives: PakLite Caper and PakLite Skinner: $30 each

Buck introduces some lightweight selections in their arsenal this year.  The PakLite Caper and PakLite Skinner are both offered in stainless steel skeletal frames to cut down on weight.  As with all Buck has to offer, these knives are extremely durable and come with a heavy duty nylon sheath that hold the blades snug.  We can’t wait to try these out this season.   Hopefully sooner than later!

X Spot Digital Hanging Bow Scale: $49.99

Check your poundage with this easy to operate Digital Scale but throw in new batteries!

• 100 lb capacity
• .05 lb accuracy
• Continuous function for holding weight
• Memory hold function for peak weight
• Backlit display
• Auto shut-off
• Measures in pounds, ounces, grams
• Operates on 2 AAA batteries (included: see note above about batteries)

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