LID Action Camera

LID Action Camera

From Rhino Outdoors

Self video and Action Cameras have been hitting the market hard in the last couple of years with an assortment of video cameras and adapters that fit on a bow or gun.  We feel these products allow the average hunter to not only reach the potential of capturing that shot on video, but also (and most importantly) allow for the digital preservation of the hunting heritage.  Capabilities and prices vary amongst these devices but we try and sift through all the marketing hooey to give you some real world feedback.

One such device that we’ve been playing around with lately is the Lid Cam from Rhino Outdoors.

First let’s get the specs out of the way:


High Definition 720P Video Camera

Takes Up to 32 GB Micro SD Card for Additional Memory

Up to 60 Degree Rotating Lens to Capture the Impact Shot

8x Digital Zoom with 3 presets

4 Function Switch

Date and Time Stamp

ReChargeable Lithium-ion Battery with up to 3 Hours Record Time and
up to 8 Hours Stand Bye

USB Port for Downloads and Charging

Records High Quality Audio with Wind Noise Reduction Technology

Dual LED Lights

Accessories Included

*USB Cable, 2GB Micro SD card, AC wall charger & 12V adapter, S-Video Cable

Now, on to some unique aspects of this camera:

* The Lid Cam mounts onto the brim of your ball cap so that it records whatever you are facing.

* The Lid Cam has a moveable lens that allows you to cock your head while still being able to point the camera lens in the direction you want to record (ie; the case of shooting a bow or gun)

* The Lid Cam has a 3 position zoomable lens.

* The Lid Cam has 2 LED lights on each side of the camera allowing for added light on the way to the tree or in a blind.

* The Lid Cam comes with a 2GB SD card which is rare these days.

First Impressions:

After reading the directions on the operation and charging of the Lid Cam, I was pretty excited to see how this device would work.  For some reason I couldn’t get it to record by simply pushing the record button like the manual indicates.  After several attempts and some confusion, I noticed a “reset” hole on the side of the unit.  BINGO!  After sliding the pointed end of a paper-clip in that hole, all systems were go and off I went to record with the Lid Cam.

Note: I believe that I tried to seal the rubber grommet flap too tightly onto the unit which resulted in the inadvertent ejection of the micro SD card, causing the unit to lock-down.  Had I watched the instructional video on the Rhino Outdoors website prior to use, I probably would have figured this out sooner.

CORRECTION:  Rhino Outdoors has corrected the issue of the grommet flap causing the ejection of the micro SD card.

I also thought the Lid Cam seemed extremely light, almost to the point where it seemed like a toy (not necessarily a bad thing, but just my perception)

Here is a sample video that I found accurately shows the capabilities of the Lid Cam:

What I like about the Lid Cam:

*comes with a 2GB micro SD Card

*the device attaches in a simple way to the brim of your hat

*the rotating lens (right or left) for bow shot options

*the device comes with a wall and auto charger

*comes with A/V cables for viewing on a television

*LED lights for an additional light source on your way to the stand or inside of a blind.

*unit shuts down to save battery life after a long period of inactivity.

What I don’t like:

*Closing the rubber grommet flap that goes over the charging/USB port and micro SD slot seems to cause the micro SD card to eject inadvertently which can cause the unit to lock-down.

CORRECTION:  Rhino Outdoors has corrected the issue of the grommet flap causing the ejection of the micro SD card.

* The video segments on the micro SD card are not immediately viewable on my iMac like they are on my PC.

CORRECTION: The LID CAM now comes with a sticker on the unit that tells consumers to go to www.rhinoutdoors.com and download the FREE media player.


Once getting used to the Lid Cam, it is very easy to operate with one hand.  The quality of video is very good and it is light enough to not feel front heavy on the brim of your hat.  The two unique features of the Lid Cam that makes it stand out in a crowd full of action cameras are the rotating lens and the 3 levels of zoom.  The fact that the unit comes with its own micro 2GB SD card is also a plus.  We can tell that the Lid Cam is designed specifically for the hunter in mind which cannot be said for many action cameras on the market.  Overall we found the Lid Cam to be a good option for self filming your hunts and digitally preserving the hunting heritage.  Check them out at

Written by Heritage Hunters Staff

UPDATE: After reading our review of the LID CAM, Rhino Outdoors sent us the updated version of the unit that is now available on their site (Complete with an updated orange “LID CAM” logo on the front of the unit).  Apparently, they too noticed some of the concerns addressed in this review and have since corrected them.  Bravo Rhino for your attention to detail and your desire to make a better product.  As of this writing, Heritage Hunters would not hesitate to recommend the LID CAM for your action hunting video.

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