Rod and Rifle Bourbon Review

Rod and Rifle Bourbon

This past Christmas season, I was in a liquor store in New Hartford NY wandering around trying to come up with a gift for some of my hunting buddies.  We often will celebrate the highs and lows of our season with a nice glass of quality spirits.  While in the store, I stumbled across a bourbon called “Rod and Rifle” by a company called “Prestige Imports LLC”.  As an avid outdoorsman the packaging (along with the fantastic name) immediately caught my eye and after taking a minute to read about their efforts to preserve the hunting and fishing heritage through the purchase of the bottle, they had me hooked (pardon the obligatory pun).  After hearing my buddies rave about the Bourbon a few weeks later, I decided to contact Tom at Prestige LLC and find out more about this product and their efforts.  Heritage Hunters has always been about the preservation of the hunting and fishing heritage through a variety of avenues and this sounded like another great opportunity.  Here’s our take on the Rod and Rifle products and be sure to click the photo to visit their website.

The Product itself:

Rod and Rifle offers two main products, Bourbon and Whiskey.  One of the differences, that I learned after a phone conversation with Thomas Cleaver  from the company, is that Bourbon stays in the Oak barrels to age longer than the Whiskey does.  We sampled both of these products and they are absolutely top-shelf!  Both the Bourbon and Whiskey are smooth and balanced with a satisfying finish.  Although taste is subjective, we thought that both the Bourbon and Whiskey are lively enough to keep you interested but smooth enough to keep you from jumping ship.  There certainly is no need for mixing these with anything as you’ll want to enjoy the true taste of each.  There was a hint of vanilla to the aroma of each and neither seemed watered down at all.  Of course if you like your Whiskey watered down, you can simply add some ice and time!

The Whiskey: As we’ve learned with Whiskey, many companies mix what are called “Neutral Spirits” in their products which, in essence, make the product a mixture of elements in addition to the Whiskey instead of just the pure product straight from the barrel.  These Neutral Spirits are basically “filler” that we would suspect is a cheaper way of making the product.  You won’t find any of those  Neutral Spirits or Filler in the  Rod and Rifle products and that equals high quality without the watered down taste.

Tasting Notes:

Age: 100% barrel aged whiskey

Proof: 80 Proof

Color: Golden Brown

Aroma: Clean, Smooth with Vanilla & Brown Sugar

Taste: Full Bodied with No Sign of Neutral Spirits

Finish: Thick, Rich and Balanced Perfection

Comments: “Unlike Other Blended Whiskey’s,

Tastes More Like Matured Barreled Whiskey”

The Bourbon: A mash of 70% Corn, 25% Rye, and 5% Malted barley, this product is double distilled and aged in newly charred barrels of American Oak for 48 months.   We don’t know much about how to make a really good Bourbon, but we do know what one tastes like and Rod and Rifle hit the bullseye.   Simply put, this product is as smooth as we’ve ever tasted.  Again, we found that drinking this product straight was even more enjoyable than mixing it with anything because we liked the taste so much.   The Bourbon comes with a collectible shot glass inside.  This year’s version has a beautiful whitetail buck logo on the glass and they are rolling out other versions of the glass in the years to follow (Waterfowl, fish, etc.)  A nice bottle of great tasting Bourbon, a commemorative glass, and a contribution to conservation efforts with your purchase?  Try getting all that with ANY other brand of whiskey!  We dare you!  If you need any more motivation to try this product, we’ll give you some: The Tasting Panel that rates these types of products gave Rod and Rifle a score of 92.  Now we don’t exactly know what that means, but we can tell you that similar products score in the mid 80’s and those are some popular brands.  Sure taste is a subjective quality, but the people on that panel should have some experience tasting this stuff, wouldn’t you say?

Tasting Notes:

4 Year Old Straight Bourbon

Color: Deep, Rich Copper

Aroma: Sweet Vanilla Oak

Taste: Complex & Balanced

Finish: Crisp, Sweet & Smooth

Conservation Impact:

Rod and Rifle Bourbon forwards proceeds of each customers purchase to Wildlife Forever for the preservation of fish and wildlife habitat.  If you are unfamiliar with this nonprofit charity you can read more about how they are helping to conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife by visiting the link below:


The beauty here is that by purchasing something you enjoy, or a gift for that matter, you are also helping to preserve America’s hunting and fishing heritage.  It’s truly a win / win!  To find out more about what projects Wildlife Forever is involved in in your state click the link below:


The Bottom Line:

Rod and Rifle Bourbon and Whiskey are produced in the highest quality manner resulting in a smooth and balanced taste.  In addition to the stand-alone quality of the product, a portion of the proceeds are going to an organization that works toward conserving the hunting and fishing heritage that we all love and cherish!  How can you go wrong with this product?  You can’t!

To find the distributor or retail store in your area go to:


or to purchase on-line go to:


Check out the Rod and Rifle website to see what other new products they are rolling out in 2014 and as always, enjoy responsibly!

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