Nite Hawk Archery’s Portable Bow Press


When we received the Nite Hawk Archery  Bow Press, we were very anxious to give it a try.  Not only did we need to set up a few bows for other reviews, we were curious as to how this apparatus worked. The Press came in a two-pocket carrying pouch (sold separately) and upon inspection looked extremely simple to operate.  Looks can be deceiving so I decided to read the instruction manual that came with it, just to make sure I was placing the thing correctly on the bow.  After pressing 6 different types of bows with this press, I can safely say that www.nitehawkarchery.com is a website that you’ll want to visit in the near future. 

Here are the specs of the Nite Hawk Archery Bow Press:
*Presses bows up to 95 pounds.
*Weighs less than 25 ounces. Very portable
*Has over 7 inches of travel so you can change limbs.
*Carry pouch available.
*Bow Press Price: $98.95
*Black Carry Pouch: $ 12.95
*No separate small parts to get lost (rubber pegs attached by nylon cord)

This press can handle all bows no matter what its limb configuration because it attaches from the outside of the bow onto the ends of the limbs and not from the middle like many other presses

All of the points of contact between the bow and the press are rubber coated so as not to slip or scratch your bow finish. The clear rubber stoppers are placed on the end of the limb while the black rubber stoppers are placed on the outer portion of the limb just beneath the clear ones (SEE ABOVE PIC)  Once you’ve positioned the 4 rubber contact points, slide the rubber coated metal bar (attached to the frame with a cord so as not the lose them;great idea Nite Hawk!) through the hole in the frame that positions the frame snug against the limbs. 

After attaching the ends of the bow press to your limbs in this manner, you simply pull the red nylon strap taught and double check to make sure the ends are even on each limb.

When you’re satisfied with the placement of the metal frames on each limb, just rotate the turnbuckle. It is interesting to note that since this press attaches at the end of each limb, it meets the requirements of many of the newer style bows manufactured today (PSE for example requires their X-Force to be pressed in this manner).  Because of this attachment on the end of the limbs,the force is distributed down the center, thereby pressing the entire limb.  This actually uses less force to achieve the same results of other presses that press only one area of the limb. We didn’t use any sophisticated force gizmos on this press, but we did notice that we could very easily rotate the black turnbuckle with one hand and not feel like we were training for an arm wrestling match.  We pressed the following bows with ease and did not notice any issues other than the fact that we had to reposition the rubber contact points with a simple allen wrench (due to various cam, limb and axle configurations)

Bows We Pressed with Nite Hawk Bow Press:
Hoyt Xtec (35.5 ATA)
PSE Nova (35.5 ATA)
PSE Beast (38 ATA)
PSE Deer Hunter (38 ATA)
Limbsaver Deadzone (32 ATA)
Concept Archery Mini29 (29 1/8 ATA)
Concept Archery C32 (31.5 ATA)
Bear Archery Done Deal (32.25 ATA)

When Nite Hawk Archery states that this press is simple and quick to use, they’re not kidding.  We have had an Apple Bow Press in the basement since 2004 and have pressed many different bows with it.  After trying the Nite Hawk press, we honestly do not even use the big old Apple press any more.  Another nice thing about this press is the fact that you can leave the stabilizer and sights attached as you press the bow. 

Not only will this press handle any of the new parallel limb bow configurations (Eliminating the concern for uneven limb stress caused by many presses on the market), it packs up nicely in a little black carrying pouch (sold separately).  Here’s an anecdote on how easy and portable this press is.  While attending the Adirondack Outdoorsman’s Show this past September, Dan and I decided to get a bow set-up for one of our Field Testing reviews on the site.  We needed to set up a drop-away rest and serve in a peep site.  As the Sunday crowd started to diminish, I simply walked back to the truck, grabbed the black carrying pouch and bow and slid back behind our booth.  For the next 10 minutes, we worked away on the bow right there at the booth.  As it turns out, this little action got plenty of attention from nearby booths and it took a little longer to finish the job because we were explaining this new contraption to 5 or 6 onlookers. 

If seeing is believing for you, take a look at this video of the press in action.

If that video doesn’t do it for you, you can try this one produced by Nite Hawk Archery:

If you would like to start doing some bow maintenance without spending the gas money for a trip to the pro-shop, you may want to check out the Nite Hawk Archery Bow Press.  It is easily the best press we’ve ever used and quite possibly the last!

Our marks on the Nite Hawk Bow Press

Workmanship:  5 out of 5 
The aluminum frames are ultra strong and we did not find any flaws with any components of this press

Design: 5 out of 5
The approach of pressing evenly down the center of the limbs coupled with easy and quick attachment points makes this press very hard to beat.  Also the fact that there are no separate parts to lose makes this press an all-in-one option to include on your list of items to bring on your next outfitted hunt.  Think of it as a First Aid kit for your bow!

Function / Effectiveness: 5 out of 5
We pressed a variety of bows with this press and had zero issues or malfunctions from the press.  The fact that we no longer have use for any other press says it all on this one.

Adjustability: 5 out of 5
Adjusting this press is as easy as turning the allen screws on the rubber contacts points or taking up the slack on the red nylon strap. 

Price: 4.5 out of 5
We have no idea how much this product costs to produce but the simplicity of the design kind of throws you off as to how much it should cost.  We went primarily on the basis of how many times an average archer / bowhunter might use this thing and the portability of the press in the field.  By that standard, it’s worth every penny.

Special thanks to Ken at Nite Hawk Archery for allowing Heritage Hunters to give away one of these presses on our forum.  Click Here to Enter the Giveaway

If you’d like to order one of these presses from Nite Hawk Archery to experience the ease and simplicity for yourself, click here:

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